How to Trim Down Belly Fat


Belly fat can not only be a source of embarrassment for many people but it has also been shown to contribute to a variety of health problems. You can easily lose belly fat with diet but it can be quite a struggle because the fat around the belly tends to be more stubborn than the fat in the rest of the body. A major reason also has to do with genetics. Men are more prone to developing pot bellies than women due to their hormones. Women also tend to get visceral fat deposited around their stomachs after menopause. This is because as their female hormone levels start to diminish, their overall hormone levels begin to resemblance those of men.

To lose belly fat with diet, you must first of all do away with unhealthy foods. These are otherwise commonly known as junk food. Cookies, sweets, chips and other similar food all fall under the category of junk food. These foods are characterized by high sugar content as well as refined carbohydrates. Eating these rises the blood sugar level which inhibits the burning of fat and also hikes up the appetite leading to overeating. Refined carbohydrates are especially harmful in that they lead to poor digestion and promote fat buildup. Instead of white bread, emphasis should be placed on eating whole meal or brown bread. Consuming too much carbohydrates can also spike up the insulin level which slows down metabolism.

Another way to lose belly fat with diet is to cut down on late night snacks. Since people are tired at night and go straight to bed after having a snack, this increases their blood sugar levels. Due to reduced activity, the excess calories get converted into fat. Stress induced elevated cortisol hormone levels also lead to increased fat buildup because the abdominal area contains a larger number of cortisol receptors. So taking regular breaks from stressful activities would help a lot too.


Source by Cyeli Rony

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