Important Tips on Caring for Baby Dwarf Hamster


If you are planning to breed the sweet looking pocket pets, baby dwarf hamsters, then you need to do some thorough research about them first. Taking care of them is not a piece of cake especially if you want to keep them as pets. There are certain facts about baby hamsters that you need to keep in mind. If you can keep these things in mind when getting your first pocket pet, you'll enjoy many years of fun with your new friend.

After the gestational period that lasts no more than 18 to 20 days, the mother hamster gives birth to her babies, the average of which is approximately 6-10 babies. Just after the baby dwarf hamsters are born the owner should leave the mother and the babies alone for few weeks. Occidentally, you'll need to go and supply them fresh food and water. It is very natural for the mom hamster to get irritated by your presence, because they are quite possessive about their little ones. Do not make the mistake of touching the baby hamsters while they are still beginning taken care of by the mother. Doing so will pass on your scent to the little ones and as a consequence it is very likely that the mother hamster will stop caring for them, and may even eat them. It is after a period of four days that the baby dwarf hamsters will show signs of growing up. They will begin to develop pigments on its body and different coloration. After seven days they begin to develop fur on their body.

After two weeks, when it's finally time to handle the baby dwarf hamsters, you need to careful. Delicate as the creature is, if they fall from any height, they will seriously injure themselves. In the process of holding them you will also teach them the principles of being handled by their owners. Solid food like oats, oatmeal, sun flower seeds, wheat, dog biscuits or bird seeds can be given after two weeks. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables is also essential as it will help the baby hamsters to grow and develop faster. Once the hamsters get an alternative source of nourishment, the mother quietly leaves them alone in their own created world of comfort.

After a period of 4 weeks, it's very necessary to separate the baby dwarf hamsters and put them in separate cages. The male hamster should not be allowed to stay with the female hamster when she is nursing the little ones. Male hamsters may become aggressive towards the new babies. Or, there are fair chances that she might be pregnant again, abandoning the newborns. Also the new-born baby dwarf hamsters should be separated by gender so as to avoid unwanted inbred pregnancies.

Owners should see to it that the cages of the baby dwarf hamsters are kept spotlessly clean. Regular supply of fresh food and water is required. They need to be constantly looked after so that they have a healthy living. Maintain these conditions and you'll enjoy a wonderful journey with your new baby hamsters.


Source by Mary Wilbur

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