Ingrown Toenail Remedies

by Lee Pham
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People looking for ingrown toenail remedies are in almost all circumstances dealing with the discomfort that comes from an ingrown toenail and the pain that can vary depending on the severity of the issue and how early the problem is caught.

In most instances when searching for ingrown toenail remedies individuals suffering from the potentially debilitating problem are trying to avoid having to go see a podiatrist (foot doctor) because of the cost, time commitment, and in many instances fear or embarrassment of going to see a doctor over a foot issue.

Popular ingrown toenail remedies that have worked with varying degrees of success based on the unique circumstances of each individual include:

  • Placing a small piece of cotton between the toenail and the part of the toe where the problem is occurring. This means inserting a small piece of cotton,usually taken from a cotton ball, in the upper corner of the nail where the contact is made between the ingrown nail and the inflamed portion of the toe. The cotton serves as a buffer to offer relief from the constant puncturing created as the nail grows into the skin on the toe.
  • Place the affected toe(s) in warm to hot water for about 15 minutes a day for a minimum of twice a week. Practicing this three or four times a week is more optimal and if favorable results are seen stepping this up to a daily habit may be worthwhile. What most people choose to do is to fill a bathtub a few inches with hot water and then simply place the foot with the ingrown toenail problem in the tub. This strategy is not particularly effective as a standalone treatment if the condition has passed a certain level of severity but if used early on or in conjunction with other methods can be quite effective at relieving pain and working ones way to recovery.
  • Find a topical solution specifically made for eliminating this particular pain at a local pharmacy or drug store engineered for solving ingrown toenail pain. Most drug stores have sections of aisles set aside specifically for foot care which can range from warts to ingrown toenail issues. Do not be embarrassed to speak to someone who works in the store about your problem so that they can help you find exactly what you need.
  • CAUTION: The cure for more permanently correcting an ingrown toenail involves cutting out the problem nail area and then going forward clipping toenails in a straight across manner (unlike fingernails which are cut in a curved manner). Before fooling around with the trouble area make sure that whatever tool or instrument you are using (most likely a pair of finger or toenail clippers or the file from the back of the clippers) is properly cleaned and sterilized with soap and very hot water. The last thing that you want to do is to cause more harm than good by introducing an infection into the area.


Source by Kim Patel

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