Instant Calm For Anxiety Sufferers


Here are some instant calming techniques that you can apply if you are suffering from anxiety. They should bring you some relief and help slow down the escalation of anxiety.

1. If you wake up at night feeling anxious, get out of bed. Go flip on the TV or turn on some music. Walk around the house and divert your attention. Focus on your surroundings and not your thoughts.

2. Splash cold water on your face. Often times, when we feel anxious, our face feels hot. This cold water will refresh and will slow down your heart rate. When the body feels cold water on the face, it prepares itself for a swim. It does this by slowing down the heart rate to conserve oxygen.

3. Call a friend up. Call them up and talk about your day. Do not mention your anxiety or problems. Just check in and see how they are doing. By focusing your attention on someone else, and not yourself, you will instantly disarm your panic.

4. Fix some chamomile tea. Chamomile tea has anti-anxiety properties and has been used for ages as an all natural sleep aid. It is not a bad idea to sip on some chamomile through the day if you are overly angry, as their is no risk of dependency.

5. Slow your breathing down. The most effective way to stop the physical sensation of anxiety is to slow your breathing down. By exhaling longer then you inhale, you decrease the amount of oxygen in your blood stream. Often, when were anxious, we start to inhale quickly, which over oxygenates the blood. This overload of oxygen makes us feel alert and anxious. By slowing your breathing, inhaling for, say, three seconds, then exhaling for six seconds, your heart rate will slow down. After practicing this for a few minutes, you will feel quite normal again.

These tips are very helpful, and they are just a small sample of some tools you can use to end your anxiety !


Source by Zach L Gregoriev

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