Insurance Agents Cold Calls – Calling In a Prospecting Freezer



Career agency after agency has phone areas for insurance agents cold calls. This cold calling is the main process of daily prospecting for agents to find people for selling insurance. See how this icy method is as effective as screaming from a locked freezer.

Using your handy phone, as an insurance sales agent, you do cold calls. Why? Because that is the way you were trained. Try to kiss a whole lot of frogs to find the prince out there. That is exactly what hundreds of thousands of new agents are doing. It is what your sales manager used to do. Likely it is the only way you know to persuade someone to be interested in the product you are selling.

Two of the largest sales industries hiring a sales agent to make cold callis for leads are insurance and real estate. Sales agent cold calling was a poor practice over 30 years ago and is even more so today. Your sole object of prospecting must be to produce sales. Insurance sales agent cold calls produce a lot of false hope and conceptions, but few sales. You might realistically call it a field of dreams.

Since you are paid mainly on commissions only, payday is often a mile away.

Knowledge from personal experience can give you a real advantage. But, it can only do so when you look at all the options. Your index box of possible future prospects gives false security. You think that you have a golden egg just about ready to hatch. However, this big gold egg will never launch during your insurance career.

The fault with the whole cold calling process starts with the sales agency that you represent. Chances are your sales manager started out making hundreds and hundred of cold calls. He made a few more sales than average and was too quickly given the opportunity to become a sales manager. Why did your sales manager accept the new position?


He wanted to stop kissing frogs. Making all those hundreds of dreadful cold calls was a torture. Yet, what does your sales manager do? He keeps on your back about cold calling, and how it is the prospecting road to success. So you continue day by day to do more and more cold calling.


If you are doing sales agent calling, answer these questions. How many appointments do you make per hour? How many of these “forced” appointments actually lead to sales? How much do you think your index future lead, follow-up box is worth? When your sales manager sees you making phone calls, does it please him? Would you say your sales manager has the income of a professional sales producer? Do your really enjoy making cold calls? In an average day by interruption, or no need to call, at least $400 worth of other people’s time. Is this fair to them?

If you could make more sales and spend a whole lot less time on the phone, would you like to hear about it?

I can give you 100 reasons why people do NOT want to receive your cold calls. You int turn only have one reason why they should.

Look at what is possible. You comfortably talk only to people, in the right occupation for your product. They have the right number of family members, and make the right income. In additional they live nearby, and are in the age group you are best in selling. This would be fire compared to chilling telephone headaches. A list of these ideal people are ready for you to obtain, custom designed. For under $300, you can get 3,000 of these people’s names, with addresses and phones included.

Do you think the real experienced sales professionals spend their time cold calling strangers? If you want to survive in insurance you have to do what 450,000 experienced insurance agents right now are doing.


Source by Donald Yerke

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