Interesting Facts About The White Russian Dwarf Hamster


Although the white Russian dwarf hamster is reliably new to the pet world it is becoming a popular pet among many enthusiasts of these creatures. Out of all the Russian types the white Russian is probably the least accessible one for you to purchase and take care of. You will probably have to visit a private breeder in order to get one of these amazing pets. If you do happen to possess one of these adorable creatures it is always good to know some simple caring tips to keep them happy and healthy.


If you want to make sure that you are in possession of a white Russian dwarf hamster then you are going to need to know some of the basic elements that you can use to distinguish them from other pets. The males of these species are larger than the females at about three inches long. Their bodies are commonly referred to as bullet shaped rather than round like many other types can be. The tails on these pets are very noticeable and are usually just small stumps on their rear. If you were to find them in the wild their fur would normally be thick and dense and would grayish brown along with a lighter undercoat. In the winter time their entourage fur coat would turn completely white. This is the main reason that they called white Russian dwarf hamsters. You can find them in an assortment of colors at a pet shop or private breeder including silver, pure white, platinum, and opal.

Items You Need To Provide For Your Pets

So now you want to learn how to care for the white Russian dwarf hamster properly. In order to do this correctly you will first have to purchase a small cage for them to live in. The size should be at three square feet and an extra foot for every additional one that you plan on adding. In these cages you will have to provide some bedding for them to live on. Paper based bedding such as aspen and "Carefresh" are popular choices among other enthusiasts. Make sure to layer the bedding at least a few inches thick to allow your pet to burrow into it like they would in their natural habitat.

Your white Russian dwarf hamster will also require things to play with and keep themselves entertained when you are not around. A wheel is critical for their health because they need to get their daily exercise. Make sure to give them a water bottle as well as a food dish to supply them with the nutrients for optimum health. This is the minimum of what you need for your white Russian dwarf hamster, but there are other things that are recommended as well. Other things you can place in their cage includes a ball, pipes for running around, a toy home for hiding, and even another companion as well.

The white Russian dwarf hamster is an easy fellow to get along with as long as you keep them happy and healthy with these easy tips.


Source by Jeremy Smart

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