It's All About Controlling the Hamster!

by Lee Pham


I've spent a big part of my life looking for the answer to the question of how to make dreams a reality and achieve ones goals and objectives in life. The only answer that I have found is that: It's All About Controlling the «Hamster». Now you must be wondering, what does this mean and who or what is this "Hamster"?

The word hamster for me reflects to your thoughts who are spinning in your head, like the hamster who is spinning in its endless wheel; the thoughts you have that either make or break you. If these thoughts are positives, it will lead to a positive attitude and the resulting behavior representations a necessary tool for achieving your goals and objectives. On the other hand, if your thoughts are negatives, you will have no confidence in yourself, and consequentially frustrating in achieving success and glory. Therefore, the more you control your hamster and divert its constant accessibility towards positive direction, the more likely you will achieve success and vice versa.

Relating this example of control to my own self, I was in Daytona for a race, and was the only woman I think, amongst 75 men who were participating. You can judge the obvious reaction of people. Everyone asked me if I had a boyfriend, and when I told them that I did not have one and also do the mechanics of my motorbike myself, they all looked at me in disbelief and considered me a laughing stock.

Obviously, I could have been influenced by such judgments directed at me, but I controlled myself and kept on doing my work. The qualifiers went fine for two days where I finished in the lower 15-20 positions, but it was the 3rd day when my hamster started showing uncontrollable movement in the negative direction.
3rd day, it rained, and I really dislike rain, especially because that was the race and was of critical importance. This is where my hamster started running in the wrong direction, and all the people's judgments, my loneliness, my hatred of the rain, affected my self-confidence, and my dream of performing well during the races, seemed like drowning in water.

However, with all the negative feelings building up, I just paused, cave myself a moment to control my hamster from going in the wrong direction, when a thought came to my mind, which resulted in me controlling the hamster. Even if I dislike racing in the rain, I realized that many men or women would love to be in my situation. When I controlled my hamster, and started thinking positive, I imagined myself as having a flash start, taking the lead for many laps, and in the end finishing at the top position on the podium. This control over my thoughts that rejected in a positive attitude, led me to finish the race in 3rd position, to the amazement of all the men, participants and myself, who had previously thought less of me.

In a nutshell, the message I want to convey to you is to control your hamster, turn it to a positive direction and with consistency to win the race of life. If I had let the hamster take control of me, then I would have definitely lost the race, but on the contrary, I took control of the hamster, and the resulting success was at my feet.

So control your hamster and turn your fortune in your favor!


Source by Nadine Lajoie

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