It’s Not How You Start


I’m always blown away by the comments and actions of some people. They’re so self-involved and jaded; caught up in their own ways of life and not thinking about what they do to others. They might appear to be content but deep down they’re not because some might consider material gain as everything. If they have material possessions, then nothing else matters and they’ll do whatever to protect it. But I recall hearing this saying, “it’s not how you start but how you finish that counts.” You might start out with those things but end up losing it because of your own selfish means. Or you might still have it but feel hollow inside, wondering why you’re not happy when you have all the items you checked off on your lists.

It’s good to be wealthy, then you won’t ever have to fret about paying off your debts and can maintain a luxurious lifestyle but it’s not all about that. Life is so much more than material possessions. Many of you thrive on making money so do I, but I am not a slave to it; money serves me not the other way around. Like most people, I wish to experience a prosperous living but I don’t boast about my gain, or show off the latest BMW. Doing that won’t develop up my spirit, it will only make me look foolish and trite. I have friends and family members who boast about their material possessions but I don’t pay attention to it.

I was raised by a terrific mom who advised me to work for my achievements and not do negative things to get to the top. While I was a teenager there were girls around me even in my family, who dated drug dealers, or guys with cash. They thrived on it and felt on top of the world but when it all ended, they might’ve understood that it was a temporary thing. The fast life is not all it’s cracked up to be and striving for your own accomplishment is better than getting it from somebody else.

How you start doesn’t matter it’s how you finish. Look at your own way of life and see how you wish it to be. Positive or negative, you can’t have it both ways. People will recognize how you treat them and not how much wealth you have or what car you drive…

Thank you for reading and I appreciate you.


Source by Karlene I Pitters

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