Longevity Health Tips – Live Longer and With More Vitality



Did you know that the latest health and wellness research proves that we can live longer, healthier lives without a strong reliance on medicine and doctors?

The longevity industry has become so much more sophisticated in recent years as baby boomers have started to reach their 50s and are searching for natural ways to make their bodies healthier.

Here are some key tips:

Tip # 1: A Small Dose of Raw Foods

One of the largest causes of heart disease and other health problems is the amount of processed and bad foods that we feed our bodies in our lifetimes.

If you study the human body in its simplest form, it was meant to live on raw foods. The body actually has strong healing capabilities when it is fed the proper nutrients.

With the right longevity program, you do not need to substitute all of your diet with raw foods but by simply adding 2 servings of raw foods such as fruits or vegetables or a natural greens drink supplement, your body will benefit and you will notice a huge boost in energy.

Tip # 2: Flaxseed's Anti Aging Benefits

Flaxseed is a natural fiber that also has anti-aging Omega-3 Fatty Acids. If you build just one tablespoon of flaxseed into your daily diet, you greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, increase your body's natural immunity function and you will experience major anti aging benefits such as better skin and more energy.

I recommend you get your flaxseed fill at breakfast by sprinkling it on your cereal, over fruit cereal or in your yogurt. You can also get fish oil supplements which are easily ingested by the body.

Tip # 3: Water Intake

I know you have heard of this tip before but there is so much benefit to brain function that it is worth emphasizing. The average body should have 84 ounces a day. Try this for just one week. Every day for one week, drink at least 84 ounces of water. I promise you that once your body gets this much hydration, your organs will wake up and your body systems will start to operate more efficiently. You will feel the results with more energy and vitality.

While the tips provided here have proven themselves to work very well the latest longevity research has revealed other lesser known methods and techniques to add years to your life and life to your years. In addition, the latest research has focused on ways for marking longevity techniques easier for anyone to incorporate into their life.


Source by Alicia Fuller

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