Male Yeast Infection Treatments – Some Good Natural Remedies



Other symptoms may include constipation, indigestion and bad breath. Some sufferers may also experience intestinal gas and diarrhea. There is nothing such as a fixed yeast infection treatment. However, many natural remedies have been proven to be safe and effective to use.

Individuals can either obtain anti fungal creams and ointments directly over the counter or they can consult a doctor and get a prescription medicine to get rid of yeast infections. These medicines and treatments help to give you relief from the infection and also kill the infection causing fungus.

However, natural remedies have long been used for its effectiveness. One such natural remedy to use on yeast infections is yoghurt. Yoghurt helps to reinstate good bacteria in the human body which keeps the levels of yeast fungus low. Its powerful constituent that does the task of treating is also available as tablets, liquid and capsule.

Raw garlic can also be used as a male yeast infection treatment. It can be eaten raw or applied directly to the area of infection. Its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties helps to maintain the body’s natural balance and treats yeast infections in a natural manner.

Black walnut, goldenseal and licorice are other natural ingredients which can be made into a paste and applied to the affected area. These herbs have anti fungal properties and help to get rid of the infection quickly and effectively. For better results, the paste should be mixed with a drop of warm water.

Most people also prefer to use cranberry is a male yeast infection treatment. Cranberry pills are also available in drug stores for individuals who do not want to ingest cranberry juice. However, you can also apply cranberry to the contaminated area directly. It is a very helpful ingredient in not just curing yeast infections, but also avoiding it recurrence.

Moreover, you may also be required to make little changes to your dietary habits in order to treat yeast infections. These changes include avoiding sugary and yeasty food items and eating a well planned healthy balanced diet.


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