Male Yeast Infections: Home Remedies


Yeast infections. It can be an embarrassing topic for men to discuss, especially when they are the ones dealing with the problem. But from a biological standpoint it is really nothing for anyone to be accused of.

The fact of the matter is, a common infection, whether it be in males or females, comes on because of naturally occurring yeast fungus in the body. The fungus generally live in the orifices of the human body, but are also present in the stomach and other parts. So the same thing that causes the infection in women, is the culprit in men as well.

But many men generally have a harder time dealing with their yeast infections because it is typically known as a woman's issue. But yeast infections on men are far more common than most people realize. So instead of being embarrassed about their situation, men should take proactive measures to clear up their symptoms

So now that we are aware of what a yeast infection actually is, and are in the understanding that it is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, we can start looking at treatment options to clean up the problem.

Before we jump into clear up the infections, here is just a quick word about prevention. A good way to stop a yeast infection before it ever starts is to be safe. That's right, safe sex. Not using a condom during sexual intervention is one of the two main reason yeast infections occur in men. The other is extended use of antibiotics. So be safe and take antibiotics only as prescribed by a doctor.

Moving on to treatments. Many treatment options for yeast infections can be made from the home. This might be a good option for the men who are still to embarrassed to discuss their problem with their physician.

Starting off is as simple as having a delicious dairy snack. Yogurt contains bacteria known as lactobacillus acidophilus. What this amazing little organism does is it reduces the yeast present in the body. A word of warning though. Most yogurts contain sugar, with is a yeast infections best friend. So when using yogurt to combat this problem, make sure the yogurt is sugar-free and that you are eating at least 2 but no more than 5 cups a day.

If you are a guy who is not to concerned with bad breath, using garlic has proven effect in curing yeast infections on men. Using a whole garlic clove, or using an equal amount in paste form is an easy, yet smelly home remedy. The garlic has anti-fungal properties which makes it an ideal home remedy.

Your body is a haven for toxins go grow and accumulate. The lower colon is filled with all types of toxins that entered and passed through your body. That is why a colon cleansse is another very effect measure men can take in clearing up an infection. Sticking a health cleansing routine will rid the body of toxin and lower acidic levels which are necessary for yeast infections to grow. Getting rid of what the fungus thrives on is a great way to make sure the infection clears up quickly.

Yeast infections on men are very common and nothing a man should be embarrassed about. Stopping them before they start is always the best medicine. Also practicing safe and protective sex and not over-taking prescribed anti-biotics is a great start in ensuring you do not fall victim to a yeast infection.

However if you do, following the above advice is a great way to clear up this problem. And again, it is always the best idea to consult with your doctor if you think you have an infection or you are planning on using a home remedy to clear it up.


Source by John E Carter

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