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Everyone's talking about energy! Not just the energy that we use to fuel our cars, wash clothes, or turn on the lights, but the energy that makes up all of matter, including you and me. In the most literal way, we are beings of energy – beings of light. All of the 'stuff' of the universe is energy, and this energy moves or vibrates at different frequencies. Our energetic frequency is as unique as our fingerprint. Also, every part of our bodies has a specific energetic vibration. When this vibration is altered or disrupted, that part of the body can not function properly. That's where energy medicine comes in.

Energetic medicine has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, and is once more gaining in popularity for two reasons.

First, it works! And it works on the most fundamental level of health and being: our energy field.
Second, energetic medicine is now validated by science. Quantum physics has finally confirmed that we are energy beings, and do indeed inhabit a universe made up of energy. What's more, we can directly and intentionally affect this energy. In fact, we do it all the time without even being aware of it.

This ability to affect energy fields is the fundamental principle of energy medicine, a rapidly growing approach to health that 'tunes into', manipulates and balances the body's energy field in order to identify and correct problems. It does this by restoring the right energy balance, allowing the body to return to health naturally and gently.

Why do we become ill in the first place? Every life form is surrounded by an energy field that moves around and through the body. Normally, this field is quite resilient and able to deal with the many fluctuations that are part of everyday life: toxins in our food and environment, bacteria, fungus, exhaustion, stress, poor diet etc. However, if there are too many disturbances, or if they do not let up, the body and its energy field may no longer cope. The energy in certain parts of the body can become depleted, blocked or 'tainted', and we become ill.

Health problems show up in the energy field before they materialize in the body, and can be detected by the energetic practitioner before the person experiences physical symptoms. By the time the symptoms appear, the disease or illness is already something developed. That's why it is extremely beneficial to engage in some sort of regular energy-balancing practice, such as Qi Gong, meditation, T'ai Chi or Yoga, as these bring the energy into harmony, thereby helping to prevent disease.

The most effective health solution of all, of course, is prevention. That is why most energy healers strongly encourage clients to be pro-active in maintaining and maintaining continuing good health. One way to do this is to be self-aware.

You are the best person to judge when things are going out of balance. You start feeling stressed, less patient, irritable. You lose your enthusiasm, become more anxious or pessimistic. These are the first signs that something needs attention. Energy distortions are usually first felt on the emotional level. If you ignore them – and most people do – they will eventually create physical symptoms. By that time, your body's biochemistry has already been affected, so it takes more to bring you back to full health. You still have to work on under causes of the initial energy fluctuations anyway, or you'll fall ill again. Sometimes, the answer is so simple, like needing to change your job.

When health problems do occur, the cells involved have an unhealthy frequency. A healthy spleen cell has a different frequency than the cell of an unhealthy spleen. If the vibration of the diseased cells are changed and maintained at a healthy vibration, then the cells will heal and also exert a healing effect on the surrounding cells. In this way, correcting an energy imbalance in one area can improve the overall energy balance.

Energetic medicine corrects energy imbalances by removing the blockages in the body's energy pathways (or meridians), and replenishing and purifying the energy field with healing energies. The body can then heal itself as it was designed to do with marvellous efficiency. Treatment is non-invasive, safe, and gentle, and because it works on the level of energy, it can work quickly, depending on the person and condition.

The practitioner can also identify and correct energy disorders before they result in disease or physiological symptoms. A patient might go to an energy-medicine practitioner for one set of problems, such as allergy, but the practitioner may find energy derivatives in other areas where there are still no physical symptoms. When these are treated, most people can really feel the difference. Some people are skeptical about energy medicine at first, but many are converted when they see that it works.

Working directly with the life force, energy medicine is the fastest, most accurate approach to pinpointing and correcting the imbalances that cause illness or disease. The energy healer can even identify and treat problems before they develop in the physical body, making it the most effective preventive medicine ever.

Increasingly, practitioners in natural and holistic medicine are including radionics or energy-manipulating equipment among their therapeutic, even their diagnostic tools. Radionics was developed by Dr. Albert Abrams in the 18th century, and in the 1930's, another American, chiropractor Dr. Ruth Drown found that radionics also worked from a distance, based on the holographic principle. According to this principle, each piece taken from the hologram contains the information of the whole. From an energetic perspective, the vibrational imprint of a person's photograph, hair, or blood are part of the unique energetic hologram of that person. This means that a small portion removed from the whole, ie a drop of a person's blood or hair reflects the total energetic structure of that person. Therefore, it is possible to expose the person's hair sample or blood to healing vibrations which will reach that person's energy field, regardless of distance. This allows the practitioner to send the correct energy-balancing vibrations to a client continuously, day and night, using a small sample or simple photograph.

Of all the available treatments, energetic medicine is also the most personalized because it requires the practitioner to identify the correct energy frequencies for each particular client, as they are unique to each person. This can be done in many ways, some involving specialized energetic or radionic equipment or other tools such as crystals, and some involving clairvoyant or intuitive abilities on the part of the practitioner.

The beauty of energy medicine is that it works on the whole person. Wellness is a state of balance on all levels. If one area is out of harmony, it will lead lead to illness. Energy medicine works on restoring total energetic harmony between mind, body and spirit. In fact, many practitioners of energy medicine … and their clients … believe that this kind of therapy puts them onto the path of spiritual growth and acceptance. Perhaps that's because energy medicine supports the spiritual journey while addressing fundamental health issues at the deepest level.


Source by Bojan Schianetz

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