Mini Medical Plans – Are They Right for Your Business?


The cost of health insurance can be daunting. If you are a new business owner who wants to provide health insurance coverage to his employees, you might have been stunned by the prices quoted to you to get all of them covered under a typical group health insurance policy. How can you provide this valuable benefit to your employees while still maintaining a healthy bottom line for your business? How about looking into mini medical plans? A mini medical plan is a less expensive form of health insurance coverage whereby you and your employees can get some health insurance coverage without going broke.

These plans provides health insurance coverage to those who cannot afford the premiums on a typical health insurance policy. It’s a way to get the day to day doctor visits paid for and for getting prescriptions filled. It does provide some other benefits such as hospitalization and surgery, but those benefits are quite limited. Typically, this type of policy is not going to cover a catastrophic illness or event. That is why they are less expensive, of course. But if its this or plan or nothing, it is likely that your workers prefer that you opt for a these plans so at least some of their medical issues will be paid for, if not all of them.

Mini medical plans pay the doctor’s directly based upon a schedule of benefits created by the insurance company. Therefore, if the schedule of benefits allows payment of $100.00 for an office visit, the insurance company will pay $100.00 only. If the office visit costs $150.00, the employee must come up with the difference. This actually is not unlike the co-pay in a traditional health insurance plan. The only difference is that the “co-pay” will vary depending on the cost of the service. Mini medical plan sometimes offer discounts if you go to a doctor in its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network. Thus, your employee might wind up paying nothing for his office visit if he chooses an in-plan doctor.

Mini medical plans also cover hospitalization and surgical services. This type of coverage can range from paying $100 per day to $1000 per day depending on the monthly premium paid by the employer. It’s a typical case of “you get what you pay for.” That is, the higher the premium, the more coverage is offered. A mini medical plan might be right for your business if you do not offer medical insurance to your employees but you cannot afford to offer a major medical plan because of the costs associated with it. A mini medical plan will cover wellness check-ups, x-rays and doctor visits.

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