Misleading Menopause Myths


Menopause is a stage that ushers numerous perceptions and misconceptions. Myths or lies about this stage are enough to lead many a women folk into fear and dread. Therefore, it is vital to debunk some of the common myths in a bid to let the light out about this natural passage in womanhood.

• Many have continued to believe that menopause is a disease. This myth has been encouraged in the modern day as marketers seek to get their products out to ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ the condition. Menopause is not a disease and in many cases, women will not die from the symptoms. The treatments given at this stage are meant to ease the discomfort and challenges that are usually announced. Women can choose to treat the symptoms if they so wish.

• Another common falsehood is that women will get fat because of this stage. Scientifically, this has not been proven. Weight gain during this stage is owed to poor diet choices and inactivity that usually characterize the lives of many. Making better health choices with diet and exercises will see women go through this stage blissfully; happy about their weight.

• Menopause is the announcement of old age. This is the common myth that many people believe. This stage marks middle age and people will have many more years in their second part of life. Therefore, women will have the energy and zeal like before especially if they are keen to take better care of themselves.

• After menopause, some women actually believe they are no longer sexy. Although vaginal dryness and other discomforts may be rife, sex life after menopause can still be explosive. It is possible to maintain the sexy feel and look without letting the stage to dictate.

• Another myth is that people can be passive during this stage and not worry about anything since nature is taking it course. However true this may be, menopause will come with inclination to certain health risks like osteoporosis. The low levels of oestrogen will present this risk. Therefore, going to a health care provider for detailed advice will be order.

There are many other myths to dispel in this topic. One thing not to forget is that no two women are the same and what one may experience might differ from what the other will experience. In this regard, look for tailored solutions from an expert when dealing with this issue.


Source by Emma Wanjiku

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