Mouth Yeast Infection – Why Oral Thrush is So Hard to Stop and How You Can Cure it Forever


What it is. A mouth yeast infection is an outbreak of Candida alb cans in the mouth. Candida in the mouth isn’t normally something to worry about. About half the population, including everyone with dentures has it with no ill effects.

Candida becomes a problem when something happens to change the chemistry in your mouth that makes it much more favorable to Candida than the other organisms that normally keep it in check.   You’ll recognize an outbreak by the white creamy discharge often resembling cottage cheese on the lips, tongue, and the inside walls of the mouth. The outgrowth can also extend down into throat. In extreme cases, the mouth will become so tender that eating and brushing are painful.  

What makes it tough to treat. Oral thrush is rare, and there’s always an underlying cause. A number of things can trigger the spread of candida in the mouth. Drug treatments like antibiotics or chemotherapy can kill the good microorganisms that normally keep Candida under control.   Anything that challenges your immune system, such as diabetes, malnutrition, drug abuse, or AIDS, can hamper your bodies ability to regulate Candida. Hence, you’ll see oral thrush more often in babies or the elderly.   Even breaks in the skin of the mouth, such as might be caused by ill-fitting dentures, create an opportunity for Candida to thrive.  

What you must do. You won’t get ahead of oral thrush unless you can find and stop the underlying cause that makes your mouth vulnerable to overgrowth. If you simply treat the symptoms, the fundamental process that’s inhibiting your body’s ability to keep Candida in check will allow the Candida to grow. You’ll be perpetually fighting new outbreaks.  

Get better fitting dentures, adjust or adhere to your diabetes treatment plan, talk to your doctor about your drug plan. Once you’ve solved the problem that created the opportunity for Candida to grow, you can cure the yeast infection itself.  

You’ll be taking some kind of antifungal medicine – a lozenge or oral suspension , a tablet, or in advanced cases, an injection.   The key to solving mouth yeast infection is getting the cause of the imbalance first, and treating the oral thrush second. Of course, always consult your doctor. There are effective ways you can beat yeast.


Source by Jean Healy

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