Nervous, Mental or Emotional Breakdown


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What happens in a Mental Breakdown?

A nervous, mental or emotional breakdown may include a temporary collapse or disintegration of personality. This may involve an inability to function, depression, loss of contact with reality, manic episodes, anxiety and / or panic attacks.

A nervous breakdown can be disturbing, disorienting and frightening. It may come suddenly or last for several years. Depression, confusion or anxiety may accompany a feeling that you are out of control.

Nervous, mental or emotional breakdowns are lay terms. Nerves and emotions don’t break down; these terms imply an emotional or mental collapse or a feeling of approaching collapse. These terms often refer to people who tried to hide unpleasant emotions, and finally let them out.

Warning Signs of Nervous Breakdown

Some warning signs can alert you that someone might be experiencing an emotional or relationship crisis. That person may need immediate help or attention.

a person cannot cope with daily chores and responsibilities

a person’s words make no sense (word salad)

a person threatens or tries to harm someone

a person threatens or tries to harm self

a person seems to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel things that do not exist

a person becomes destructive to possessions, home and relationships

If you see any of these signs, perhaps call a crisis help line or other source for help and information. Many cities have a suicide hotline or crisis hotline. In smaller towns, a hospital or medical center may help you decide how serious the signs are, and what you can do to help.

Stress & Emotional Breakdowns

Anxiety, stress and depression can occur when we suppress spontaneous reactions. They may occur when you feel that we have no choices. Under lasting stress you may feel on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

You may want to react to stressful situations by either getting away from the situation or fighting back. You cannot always do this. If you cannot run away or fight back, you might force yourself to stay. Your stress builds up.

The same thing might happen at home, or in your close relationships. You can change your relationships or learn to cope with stress. Either can keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

You can eat healthier. You can exercise for about half hour at least 3 times a week. You can get enough sleep. You can avoid alcohol and illegal drugs. You can take a vacation. You can learn how to relax. You can build and enjoy better relationships.

Coping with stress means learning how to communicate better. Reading about or taking classes in communication may help. Systemic coaching can help you recognize and change long-term relationship habits and complex relationship problems.

Personalities that Break Down

People who do break down often seem to be either people pleasing and/or super-responsible. A People Pleaser may focus on being nice and not offending anyone. A super-responsible person may be seen as a control-freak, a perfectionist or workaholic. There are better solutions … systemic solutions.

Rebuilding Identity in Chaos

When a personality mask finally breaks down, a healthier identity can emerge. This emergence can be painful and haphazard during stress, or gently self-controlled during chaos coaching.

Lasting Solutions for Anxiety, Stress and Depression

What causes breakdowns?

Do illnesses cause breakdowns? Perhaps sometimes, although few people who become ill experience mental breakdown.

Do traumatic experiences cause breakdowns? Perhaps sometimes, although few people break down in trauma, even those who suffer extreme trauma.

Do genetic factors cause break downs? Rather than genetics, behavior copied from suffering family members is the only known link to inherited disposition to stressful illness.

Do depleted levels of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) cause breakdowns? Perhaps, although low levels of neurotransmitters are more likely a symptom than a cause of breakdowns.

Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals which help regulate moods. To boost these levels, you can change your behavior or take drugs. The easier route (and much more profitable for health professionals) is that you take prescription medication – and support a $12 billion drug industry.

About 70% of people who take antidepressants will experience mental breakdown if they stop taking the drugs. Antidepressants treat a symptom – low levels of neurotransmitters in your brain.

What is the root cause of mental breakdown? The main difference between people who experience a breakdown and those who don’t may be the unpleasant emotions resulting from poor relationships.

To control anxiety, stress and depression, why not learn from people who don’t become anxious, depressed or stressed? Such people very often enjoy satisfying relationships. Get systemic coaching.

Consult a physician about any opinions about nervous or other breakdowns, or other medical symptoms or other medical conditions.

Do you want effective relationship coaching or systemic coach training? Do you want to coach individuals, partners and teams to resolve complex relationship challenges? Contact us.


Source by Martyn Carruthers

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