Neuter and Spaying Our Pets


There are many, many articles on spaying and neutering your pet but how many people are really absorbing the information or are they just saying hm and going on about their business?

The fact is our resources of animal welfare charities, societies whatever name you want to give these safety nets for pets and unwanted animals are picking up the tab for people who are just saying "hm" to these articles and moving on with their lives.

The numbers tell what is really going on. There are thousands of unwanted animals finding their way into shelters each year. This is the direct result of puppies and kittens created by these animals who were never spayed or neutered. Their consequent effect on the overpopulation of companion pets.

The awful truth is there are more animals seeking adoption than those are homes available.

The facts for June 1st, 2002 to May 31st 2005 one charity called LAWS spent $ 132,820.70 on spay / neuter and that was the figures found for three years ago so you can assume the numbers have definitely increased in those 3 years. These figures alone should bring people to their knees.

These are more figures which will open people's eyes such as one female doge and her offspring can create 67,000 dogs in six years. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years. Each year many animals are abandoned and hurt because of overpopulation. It is the responsibility of each person to spay and neuter their pet simply because it will increase the quality of that animals life, help the already overpopulation of animals but at least give the animals a fighting chance of finding a home and a life to be loved and appreciated in.

Life can be hard for any animal but not having the love and attention they deserve makes it worse. This is why so many people value their pets, getting them neutered / spayed, loving them to the end. They give them the quality of life while alive and their thoughts are at the time of their death they did the best for them. They neutered and spayed their pet increasing their life span-they did good by them. Most people feel this way and will give them a final resting place in a pet cremation memorial urn. The dogs and cats are the most cherished pet but also the most productive as the figures prove. They are also the most common pet most people have.

Spay and neuter your most valuable assets your pets and not just say "hm"


Source by Norma Crozier

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