No Income, No Insurance No Problem, Get Free Medical Care

by Lee Pham


Without a doubt you can get medical coverage, no problem. The challenge comes in knowing where to look, and who to ask where to get the medical care you need. Oh, but you're in luck you have me. I've not only found myself unemployed without insurance, but I've worked in doctor's offices and as an Insurance Agent, so I compiled years of work study and experience to give you this valuable information.

Okay get your print button ready, or grab a pen. This will definitely help you and your family.

1. Free Medical Clinics; there are fully staffed board certified clinicians that offer medical care for free, look for the ones in your area. Call to find out if they are connected to a hospital, and if there is anything you need to bring if you have an emergency.

2. Side Note: Ensure that you receive, better, and faster advice from the doctor, with a printed summary of you and your family's medical back ground, include medications, surgeries, family history, and ongoing medical conditions, and allergies. This will really help you get the best service.

3. Pharmacies: These are amazing resources for you; look at what you can get from a Pharmacy that you may not have thought about.

· Screenings, blood pressure, blood sugar testing, and flu shots

· Advice, years of training makes them an expert on not only the prescriptions, but over the counter medicine as well. Be sure to ask about the medicines you are currently taking and compare this to those you are considering

· Clinics- Large chain pharmacies even offer medical screenings for various health concerns

4. Talk to a physician- Tell them what's happening, talk to a nurse for free advice. Ask what they do with patients who can not pay with insurance. Find out if they have a sliding scale payment plan. This means that they'll take less money as long as you are making less.

5. It's possible to get free samples from your doctor so be sure to ask. Perhaps you know of others who have similar medical concerns, talk to your doctor about a group visit to get support as a group together.

6. Take part in group visits with your physician or support groups for those with similar diseases.

For your Kids: Contact your county and find out what you can do for medical care, often there is a low or no cost option even if you can not get coverage through medicare. If there is not anything at your county level look at the state level to find out what your options are.


Source by Sophie Maddox

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