Obesity and Video Games – Take the Controllers Out Of Your Child’s Hands


When many of us were growing up we spent a lot of time playing outside. We didn’t have cable TV, we had an antenna and if we were luck three channels. Computers were large affairs that were difficult to handle and there were no video games unless a store or restaurant invested in a pinball machine. While we still had some children who were chubby it wasn’t due to a video game controller.

Screen Dangers: According to optometrist Cary Herzberg there is a chance that staring into screens for long periods of time can eventually cause children to develop near-sightedness. They are also at risk for dry eyes and eye fatigue. This gives you a second good reason to limit video game time.

Fun Activities: There are always alternatives to relying on video games and computers to occupy the time of a child. Regular board games can be just as fun and it gets the whole family together. Organized sports may be available through the school district or by private organizations. It will take time and effort to come up with things children like, but it is well worth the effort.

Parental Involvement: The best way to get the video controller out of your child’s hands is to get involved. You don’t have to always make it fun, though that’s nice. Have them help out. Setting the table and taking the trash out is important for the family and eventually they are going to have to learn independent living skills. Even a small child can lend a hand, and as they get older you can add responsibilities.

It’s a lot easier to let the video game babysit our children but in the end it’s not worth it. We need to do more than take that controller, we have to show them that there is a life outside of a screen… and how to live it.


Source by Mary Bodel

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