Overcome Annoying OCD Habits

by Lee Pham
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OCD, also known as obsessive compulsive behavior, is a mental health disorder. There are many ways in which this mental health disorder displays itself. For examples, a person with OCD would be "hyper" about cleanliness; constantly cleaning and straightening up things in and around the home or he or she could obsess about facing certain things or activities in life such as going to social events, checking the mail or visiting with relatives.

The main deal with obsessive compulsive behavior is that it is constant, invasive and controlling. However, there are natural ways and medical ways in which it can be lessened; ways that make a person's life more enjoyable and happy.

One natural way is talking with someone they trust. For example, if a person knows that he or she will need to go to a social event, one that they do not want to go to, they can share this anxiety with that person and get helpful advice on what to do at the social event.

Another way to lessen OCD is to practice "mindful thinking." Mindful thinking is when you are engaged in something you do not like, you focus on what is going on during the event. In other words, you do not focus on what can go wrong but on what you see at the event.

In addition, another way to lessen OCD is deep breathing. Deep breathing, when practiced several times during the day, when needed, can calm the mind and body down. The most effective way to do this is to take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and then let it out slowly through your mouth. Do this several times until you feel calm. To achieve maximum effect, breathe in slowly – for seven to ten times through your nose and exhale lower through your mouth. Soon, you will feel relieved and calm.

Keep in mind; OCD symptoms can also be lessened by talking with a mental health professional or from reading the Bible or books that offer guidelines and tips on how to overcome this mental health challenge.

OCD, like some mental health conditions, can be lessened and in some cases, can be eliminated. However, it does take time, effort, patience and a desire to feel better. Whenever possible, the source of anxiety, should be deal with; however, one should be cautious on confronting any source of anxiety.

To conclude, do not let OCD stop you from enjoying life. Try some natural solutions like deep breathing or talking with someone you trust. Life can be so enjoyable. Once you face and deal with OCD, you will see life in a new light.


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