Part 2 – Reduce Your Child’s Toxic Load


In the previous article of this series I explained that improving air quality in your home can reduce your child’s susceptibility to illness. Now, I tell you why a critical step in disease prevention is to:

Reduce Your Child’s Toxic Load

Toxins are a major cause of illness because they put the body’s systems under stress. Over time, this can lead to frequent health problems where the immune system seems unable to deal with bacteria, fungi, foodstuffs and even with harmless substances.

Our kids are now exposed to an unprecedented and growing number of chemicals in the 21st century, including toxins in everyday items like styrofoam, plastics, mercury, aluminum, pesticides, smog, petrochemicals, solvents, chlorine, fluoride, smog, electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and microwaves, traffic exhaust and food additives. These can enter the body through food and water, the air we breathe, and the pores of our skin. Most of the toxins in tap water, for instance, are absorbed through the skin.

Children are especially vulnerable to toxins. Their immune systems are still not fully developed; their smaller body mass can lead to much faster concentrations of toxins, and they are closer to the ground where many toxic fumes (like diesel fumes) tend to settle. So your child may react to toxin levels that don’t even affect you.

Even one food additive can noticeably affect a child’s health, so you can imagine how their bodies must struggle with the hundreds of additives found in the modern, over-processed diet. Have you ever noticed how some kids get hyperactive with some foods additives or sugar? Toxins force your child’s body to work harder to get rid of them. Over time, this can further stress your child’s already weakened immune system.

Here are some ways to reduce your child’s exposure to toxins:

• Choose more natural, unprocessed, whole foods (and if possible, organic meats, eggs, dairy and strawberries as these foods are often heavily treated with chemicals)

• Use plain baking soda and white vinegar to replace most cleaning products.

• Provide good ventilation, especially when cooking fish or frying.

• Plant low pollen trees around your home to filter the air of pollutants.

• Reduce time spent in front of computer or television, and limit cell phone use, as these appliances emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies

• Avoid home or personal products that have a noticeable smell or perfume, and air plastic products, including toys, outside until their fumes are gone. The fumes are toxic.

• Cool food or drink before putting in plastic containers to avoid chemical leaching.

To help your child’s body get rid of toxins, support natural detoxification process with:

• Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and little or no wheat, dairy, trans fats, and sugar

• Plenty of fresh air and exercise to help the body quickly eliminate toxins, and to oxygenate the cells

• Adequate water to ensure that the toxins and parasites are flushed out safely, and that the body’s detox organs (which include the liver, kidneys and skin) remain healthy

• A low-stress, cheerful, peaceful environment, as too much or frequent stress are toxic.


Source by Bojan Schianetz

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