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I want to talk about something serious for us all; pet insurance. If you told me six months ago I would be talking about pet insurance, I would have laughed in your face. My family and I are a normal American family. We have a house, two cars, 1.5 kids, a dog, cat and a hamster. We love our pets very much. They are a part of our family. Well, we have gone through several "Skippy" the hamster. Please do not tell our son.

Our dog Angel is a three year old German Sheppard who goes everywhere with me. He is like my best friend. Not long ago he got very ill. We rushed him to the Veterinarians office. The Vet came out and told us that our pet had a tumor that needed immediate surgery.

We said "yes"; how fast can you perform the surgery. Our Vet is also just like family. She knew it was a vulnerable time for us and did not hesitate to perform the surgery. She knew that the pain after the surgery would be just as bad. What pain you say? The pain was receiving the bill for the Vet services. The bill was huge. Thankfully, our Vet worked out a payment plan with us.

I promised myself this would not happen to us again. I began to do some research and discovered there were companies offering pet insurance. I looked into the pet insurance and found that it was a good deal. It worked just liked my family health insurance. We pay a premium and when needed we take our pets to the Vet. We pay the Vet and get a form filled out. We send in our form and a receipt and the company sends us back a check.

Since we have taken out the insurance we have had to take "JoJo" (our German Sheppard) back to the Vet several times. It was so nice to not have to worry that we were going to have huge bills to pay off again. We want to emphasize to everyone how much peace of mind this pet insurance has given us.

Our Sheppard is completely healed now. We take him to see the Vet as often as we can. Not for a check-up, but just to see Ann, our Vet. Our lives have been made allot easier because of the pet insurance. Everyone should look into getting pet insurance coverage for all their pets.


Source by Victor C.

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