Pssst… Wanna Hear a Secret? Five Secrets to a Sex-happy Relationship

by Lee Pham
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Let’s not beat about the bush – you and your lover want a great sex life. Here are five straightforward ways to make sure your sex-life stays hot.

1. Please yourself

No, masturbation is not just for lonely singletons! Taking the time to learn more about your body and what you enjoy is one of the best ways to improve your sex life. Whether that means getting yourself horny with an erotic book or some beautiful new lingerie – or just getting right down to it with your right hand and some time on your own in the bath. People in successful relationships usually report that they continue to masturbate regularly – it’s a sign of a healthy, happy libido. It also means that if you’re desperately horny there’s less pressure on your partner to join in – you can always DIY!

2. Wait for it…

If there’s one single factor that makes someone hornier than all get-out, it’s got to be anticipation. Rather than having lacklustre sex seven days a week, how about putting it off for as long as you can bear it? There’s nothing to stop you flirting or teasing your partner in the meantime – especially if you let them know they aren’t ‘allowed’ any sex for at least, say, a week. Perhaps you could let your mate know just what you’re planning to do to them when the time’s up. By the time you give in to your built-up desire, you should be about ready for the hottest session of frantic lovemaking you’ve ever had.

3. Talk about it

Okay, it’s not always so easy to tell your partner what you want. Particularly if there’s a problem that needs to be raised. Sexual performance can be a very touchy subject – be aware of your partner’s feelings, and try to concentrate on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Suggesting new ways to do things, or complimenting them when they hit the right buttons is less likely to send your lover into a sulk – try turning it into a game of ‘truth or forfeit’ where you both get to ask questions and think up saucy forfeits!

4. Surprise!

Predictability and routine are the enemies of thrilling sex – and while there’s nothing wrong with comforting, unspectacular sex, sometimes you might want to put a little sherbet back into the bedroom. Is there a favorite fantasy that you’ve always been a little scared to try out? Good! Never mind about feeling foolish. That nervousness and feeling of vulnerability will remind you of how you used to feel when you first started dating them. So do it. Go get the cowboy costume, the bondage gear or the whipped cream. It’ll get your pulse racing, and your partner will pick up on the tension as soon as they see you.

5. And relax…

Working too much, allowing stress to build up and life turn into a hamster-wheel of chores and bills, over indulging in food, alcohol or other drugs. None of these habits are likely to put you in the mood. So the golden rule for a sex-happy life is, chill out!

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