Quit Smoking Injection – Have You Tried It?


If you are one of the millions of people who have tried or are trying to quit smoking, you know that you are most likely going to need a bit of help if you are going to be able to put down the cancer sticks for good. Fortunately, the medical community has clearly come to understand the dangers of smoking, and even second-hand smoke, and that has resulted in the availability of a variety of products that can help you quit once and for all. One of the smoking cessation techniques that is gaining in popularity right now is the quit smoking injection. That’s right, in addition to lozenges, gum, and patches, there is now another method to help you quit.

The quit smoking injection is done under the care of a physician; you can’t just go to the drugstore and buy a needle and jar. For some, this might be a down side to the shot method, as it requires a doctor’s appointment or two and can be expensive. For others, the idea of being in the caring hands of a doctor makes them feel more secure in the treatment.

The quit smoking injection does not contain a lot of nicotine like patches and gum do. Instead, the shot has only a minuscule amount of nicotine; it is not intended to be a part of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The injection is a different drug altogether; it is called varenicline, and it works by blocking your brain’s ability to react to the nicotine in your cigarettes. If the brain does not get the satisfaction it once got from smoking (nicotine), the habit becomes less fulfilling and easier to break.

The quit smoking injection is the latest, and some say the greatest smoking cessation product to come along. If you have tried other methods for quitting and been unsuccessful, you should talk to your doctor about getting the quit smoking injection.


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