Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hay, What Is Best for You?


If you have a small animal pet you are forced to learn about the different types of grass hay and alfalfa that are best for your pet. If they are not getting enough hay into their diet you are bound to have lots of medical problems with your pet. Hay is essential in the life of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters. It's also something that they should have a never ending supply of 24/7 to be able to munch on whenever they feel the urge.

What are the different types of hay that are available for your rabbit's eating habits (or other small animal pets)? Timothy, Brome and Orchard are the three main types in the US. Timothy being the most popular sold, but it certainly is not the most popular with rabbits and guinea pigs. Orchard grass is well-known by a sweet odor and flavor that some rabbits find more appetizing than Timothy hay. Brome is also known for a much sweeter odor that most pets would like to gobble up as quickly as possible. So why is Timothy Hay the most popular if the rabbits and guinea pigs like the other two more? Mainly because the large distributors have settled on selling Timothy hay since it is readily available where they are packaging the hay. But rabbits and guinea pigs that get a variety of hay as well as a variety of cuttings (1st, 2nd, 3rd) are really the most nutritious and happy pets.

I have done a lot of extensive research on what hay is available for the average consumer to buy and I have been sadly discouraged. If you have kids and you are getting a guinea pig as a pet for a birthday or holiday you have probably bought what was available at the pet store that you are buying the animal from. Most of the pet stores in America have the same products. Timothy hay 1-2 pound packages. Now, if this is supposed to be the type of food that you have available to your pet 24/7, then and they munch on it through the day, then you will find yourself visiting the local pet store (or Wal-Mart / Target ) on a weekly basis. 1 pound of hay is just not that much. Plus, if your rabbit or guinea pig decides that timothy hay is not what they are craving, then they will be dissatisfied with most of their life since that is really the only choice. No choice in Brome or Orchard or which cuts to satisfies their nutritional cravings (just like humans have). It's also scary to find out how old these packages actually are. The package I bought from my local pet store had been packaged 3 years before. Now how fresh can it actually be if it's 3 years old?

My recommendation is to look around, search the web, visit a local grass farmer, visit a farmers market and see what is available out there to "change it up" so to speak for your pet so they can have a variety of different hay to choose from, and a decent supply that will not empty your wallet. Time is also a commodity these days and going to the store every week to buy hay just is not very appealing. Buy in larger quantities to save yourself a little extra time to do what you want, not what you have to.

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