Really Getting Acne Relief


A pimple is one of the worst enemies of this generation. Everyone hates them and they always show up when you don’t want them to. Whether that’s the day of your wedding or an important photo shoot (though thanks to modern technology, that can be edited out) it is a very irritating experience. Thus, people are constantly searching for a way to get acne relief.

In pursuit of this acne relief, many people over the years have tried to make their own treatments for this nuisance. Many of the solutions that were found were based off of regular food such as fruit and vegetables. These foods proved to be most effective in helping one accomplish freedom from acne. Here are some examples that many other acne sufferer’s use. Look through them and decide which would suit you the best.

The first thing I’m going to mention is a cucumber. I’m not actually sure if this is considered a fruit or a vegetable, but the point is that it helps get rid of zits. A cucumber actually has quite the reputation when it comes to home made remedies for acne. Furthermore, the cucumber does more than just help to remove pimples. Cucumbers help keep your facial skin soft and moisturized giving you a clear feeling. What you need to do is blend cucumbers with carrots and have a glass daily. This is a great acne preventative measure.

Another widely used food is the lemon. It is said that the juice inside of lemons help to remove the painful, annoying, stubborn pimples. Those horrible zits that hurt too bad to even pop! When you drink lemon juice, it also acts as another great acne preventative.

Third, is Papaya. This is used in many Asian countries because it keeps your skin healthy. Although it is often used as a full body soap, it is good for the face as well. Many use papaya as a natural home remedy against acne. You will get acne relief and great body skin when you try papaya.

The fourth recommendation would have to be Tomatoes. A good portion of tomatoes generally helps those who have very oily skin. Whenever you use tomatoes, make sure that the batch is fresh so that you get the most nutrients out of it.

Last, but not least are herbs. Herbs, like the other things mentioned above, are a good preventative and active acne solution. If you have the juices of fresh herbs like parsley, birch leaves, basic and rosemary, you have the ingredients for a quick and efficient acne relief remedy. If you don’t want to juice the herbs, put them together and turn them into a tea. When you drink this tea, it will help clear out oil from the pores in your face and should prevent the growth of zits.

After reading these tips, you should be ready to get some acne relief. Just remember, I am not a doctor, nor a dermatologist. I don’t claim to be. These are just common tips from fellow acne sufferers.


Source by Francis P Edwards

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