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A cough is a very significant mechanism, through which the body expels unwanted waste particles, pathogens and the like, by expelling air at high speeds away from the body. It can be expressed as a vigorous expulsion of air and foreign materials or substances through the mouth.

Even if the sound itself has become related with disease, coughing is considered as a body’s mode of defense reaction. To clear his or her throat and respiratory system of debris and unwanted substances, the average person will cough one or two times every hour of the day.

If the substance that she or he is trying to expel form the body makes him or her hack uncomfortably, it is then that coughing becomes uncontainable and distressing, and such discomfort is caused when the body is trying to eject pathogens or some corroding substances.

Types Of Cough

Generally, coughs can be divided into two types: dry cough, in which no sputum or liquid of any sort is evident. In the wet type of cough on the other hand, a lot of liquid or sputum is spewed out, and such coughs are typically very productive. The exudate’s include mostly mucus, this substance has within it all the germs and the pathogens that the body has expelled. The mucus serves a vital and significant role during a cough.

Available Herbal Supplements For Cough

Currently, many types of prescription medicines that are available from pharmacies can be substituted by natural cough remedies in the treatment of mild forms of the cough. The treatment and suppression of a cough has two objectives and involves two separate yet related methods.

Since many types of coughs are painful and often disturb sleep, the first aim of the medication given should be to eliminate or purge the cough reflex in the person, and since coughs also involve the production of large amounts of mucus in the body and its removal through the mouth, the medications must also be able to soften and expel the mucus; which makes it easier to eject the mucus from the body and to eliminate the substances that are trapped within it. Here are some available herbal supplements for cough:

– Dry cough can be expelled or suppressed by drinking an herbal tea made from the herb known as the slippery elm. The herb will also help soothe the throat. For taste add some marshmallow to the herbal tea for effect.

– Peppermint tea is used to suppress cough reflex.

– Lungwort is utilized for cough accompanied by diarrhea.

– Echinacea is used to relieve the symptoms and length of the common cold and flu and to alleviate the symptoms associated with them, such as sore throat (pharyngitis), cough, and fever.

– Marshmallow Root soothes the throat and eases a dry, hacking cough.

– Lobelia is an herb used to soothe a dry, hacking cough.

– Mullein tea is given to children at first sign of cough.

– Wild Cherry Bark Syrup is an effective expectorant. Use this herb as directed

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