Reduce Bags Under the Eyes


Among other reasons for development of dark circles under the eyes include allergies. In people born with allergies such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, and hayfever, this is a frequent sight. Airborne allergens such as pollens and dust cause an itching sensation around the facial area, especially around the eyes. Seasons, as part of the environmental stimuli, may therefore play a vital role in the occurrence of dark under eye circles. Several studies also suggest the participation of food allergies and sensitivities in the condition.

Genetics also has its own share of the blame. It is frequently seen by families and can be passed down as a trait from generation to generation, which makes it generally hereditary in nature. Lifestyle factors as well contribute greatly to the presence of eyebags and dark under eyes. Lack of sleep as well as iron deficiency anemia (IDA) are linked to the presence of eyebags. Dehydration in particular may cause liquid retention since the body is enabled (as an adaptive mechanism) to retain water, in the process causing the eyes to become dilated and engorged.

Just like the rest of the global issues on general health and overall well-being, there is no simple solution offered to this age-old predicament. As an answer to this, dark circle under eye cream products were created by one of America’s anti-aging skin care companies, targeting the three main hindrances to having perfectly beautiful eyes: dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. The huge impact made by its product, Revitol, is made possible by its components which are mainly moisturizing emollients and natural ingredients. These help counteract moisture loss, the primary culprit for puffiness.

The product is made of a soft, non-greasy formula which makes it easier to absorb, and leaves a moisturizing effect after application – skin becomes smooth and supple, contrary to the feeling due to the presence of wrinkles. The vital components of Revitol include Niacinamide, a derivative of the water-soluble Vitamin B complex that is responsible to retention of skin moisture. It also includes Bisabolol, a component extracted from the herb chamomile that helps calm irritated skin as well as inflammation. Chrysin, another ingredient, is a flavonoid that plays a role in stopping hemoglobin breakdown, thus leading to the reduction of excess skin pigmentation. Further control in pigmentation factors and therefore presence of dark circles is also made possible by another ingredient, N-hydroxycicinimide.

In addition to under eye creams, Revitol also manufactures other products that may serve as prerequisites to beautiful skin: a line of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and skin care creams. Although these may not be as cheap as some other brands, they are significantly effective as what they claim to be.


Source by Colin Jonatan Craig

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