Relationship Between Breast Cancer and Smoking – Scary Facts


Female and smoking is a deadly combination. The risk of breast cancer increases significantly if you continue to smoke.

Women smokers are at 200 percent greater risk of the getting the most aggressive and lethal forms of breast tumor than non smokers.
This is disclosed in a new Swedish study at University Hospital in Malmo, Sweden.

The relationship between smoking and breast cancer has not previously been clearly defined. The reason for this is that scientists counts all forms of cancer together, and therefore failed to find any direct connection.

The Swedish scientist has studied individual forms of breast cancer tumors, and his results are alarming. A female smokers are three times as likely to suffer from the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, called hormone receptor-negative tumors, compared with women who never smoked.

– This is the most aggressive breast-cancer tumors, this kind of tumors are more difficult to treat, they are growing faster and the mortality is highest.

In the study, they have followed up the health surveys conducted in 10 000 Swedish women during the 1970s – and '80s. The results are then compared with data from the Swedish Cancer Registry. During the same period they studied the mortality of 800 women affected by breast cancer.

With the help of new modern techniques the scientist has been able to examine the saved pieces of tumor tissue from women who were diagnosed in 1970 – and 1980's.

The study shows that smoking is more dangerous for female smokers than male.


Source by Johan Olsson

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