Revealed: The Mystery Behind Acne Treatments That Really Work


Are you tired of hearing about creams and ointments that don’t work to get rid of your acne? Most of the products advertised that claim to clear acne permanently don’t work and will only give you temporary relief. Thankfully, there are real solutions out there and the secret behind their success is quite simple.

First, let’s examine the causes of acne. We all know that pimples develop when your skin pores get clogged up with dirt and dead skin cells. This can result in either blackheads or white heads (also known as common pimples). When there is a skin irritation as well, it’s called acne. With that said, it could seem obvious that the ideal acne treatment would be to scrub your skin continually in order to unclog your skin pores and prevent pimples, right? Well, that’s the solution most acne products manufacturers want you to believe but there’s a better solution and here it is.

In order to cure acne permanently, we need to dig a bit deeper and understand the true causes of acne. Your body has everything it needs to fight acne by itself, but for some reason, your internal body balance might be disrupted by other factors. This leads your body to produce too much natural oil, which in turn clogs up your skin pores. The good news is that you can restore your inner body balance if you know what is disrupting it. It can be one of the following factors:

1. Stress – Adult acne is often caused by stress and research has proven it many times. Stress produces stress hormones, which can affect your inner body balance. If you can find ways to eliminate your stress, you will be well on your way to getting rid of acne.

2. Hormone imbalance – Hormone imbalance is one of the principal causes of acne. The reasons for this imbalance can be varied, but if you can isolate them, you can almost always find a way to fight it.

3. Digestive disorders – If you want to get rid of your acne, you will most likely have to make adjustments to your diet. Too much food nowadays contains saturated fats and toxins that can affect your inner body balance.

These three factors affect your inner body balance directly and are the main reasons behind acne breakouts. Acne treatments that work will attack these elements directly, and not just try to mask the problem under many layers of creams and ointment.


Source by Catherine Gramolini

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