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Looking for robo dwarf hamster tips? They are cute and keep in mind their small size when buying supplies! This tiny little dwarf hamsters care is much like the same care as the other hamsters.

Their housing needs to be escape and chew proof.

At least a ten gallon or larger aquarium with a breathable lid that is secure can be an ideal home for one full grown adult, in a draft free area. Avoid placing in direct sunlight, near heaters, fireplaces and fans.

Robo hamsters love to chew! As their front teeth continue to grow through their life time, they require safe disposable toys. Check at your local pet store for untreated wooden chewable toys. Ones that have no stain or paint as this can be toxic for your little furry friend. Try to avoid plastic toys as it can break off and possibly hurt the inside of their mouth and inner pouches.

Roborovskii's love to exercise and have been known to run miles in one evening!

A great way to give them opportunity to exercise is by providing a exercise wheel that is geared to their small size. The ideal wheel will have NO rungs or bars. When running they can hurt or break their legs if they slip off the rung or get their foot trapped.

Dwarf hamsters love to dig and supplying them with bedding material helps satisfy their need. Consider purchasing bedding material designed for hamsters that is wood based, however NOT cedar or alder shavings. This can cause your pet to become ill and the dust can be irritating and cause breathing problems. Obtain as dust free as possible bedding.

The robo hamster really enjoys having a bath, but NOT with water !! Place chinchilla sand in a container, that is big enough for them to roll around in. This type of sand bath helps them clean the oil on their coat.

Completely clean and change the bedding weekly or more, especially there is more than one living together.

By nature, dwarf hamsters are hoarders and enjoy hiding food. It's a good idea to inspect your pets cage and remove the hidden food as it might not be the freshest.

Provide a fresh source of water in a hanging container with a sipper that they can easily access. Ideally feeding bowls that are non-chewable and non toxic made from stainless steel or ceramic within easy reach.

Remember Robo hamsters are cute but require a responsible pet owner. The daily work involved to maintain a healthy home environment for your robo hamster is rewarded with the vivid entertainment and fun your pet can provide.


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