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Learning how to really seduce your boyfriend is an art that not too many women put the effort into these days. While seduction tips and tricks that promise to make your boyfriend more attentive and add a little spice to your relationship are easy to find, true seduction is about creating a connection with your boyfriend that he is going to find very difficult to break.

True seduction is about creating a mystique and allure about you that your boyfriend is going to find totally irresistible. Yes, seduction is about being viewed as sexy and the techniques involved in seducing your boyfriend may be a bit racy at times but over the course of your relationship you will find that you will be able to seduce your boyfriend with very little effort. All it will take is a certain look or a particular tone of voice and it will be almost as if he has been rendered useless by your powers.

While seduction and seducing your boyfriend is a very deep subject there are certain tools that you should know about and how to use them.

Text Messaging – While most guys are quite lame when it comes to texting there are several reasons for this. A man’s threshold for seductive text messages is very low and guys typically don’t have a whole lot of “game” when it comes to texting. So, don’t be disappointed if you don’t seem to be getting the same effort out of him that you are putting forth. After one flirty text message he is probably scurrying around like a hamster trying to figure out what he can text back to match the message that you sent him. Sadly, he will fail.

Example: You send him a text message saying, “would it be too much if I told you that I want to taste you?” He replies back, “Gurp gibbly glidik glurp”.

Your Body – It really doesn’t matter what shape you are in, your boyfriend finds you very seductive for many other reasons other than your weight or cup size. Not every man wants a swimsuit model and not every man is fixated on having the girlfriend with the biggest chest. Remember that he picked you out of all the available women around and it is a matter of what you do with what you have that counts. So try to remember that you are only as sexy as you think you are. Some of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world weigh more than 110 pounds and it is typically how a woman carries herself that a guy finds most alluring.

Example: Just check out some of the hottest starlets of the past like Marilyn Monroe and others more recent that have been looked down upon for gaining a few pounds. Personally, I like women who look like women!

Clothing – If you are hoping to seduce your boyfriend you won’t be required to tart yourself up like a stripper or degrade yourself in any way to be viewed as sexy by your boyfriend. There are styles of clothes these days for every shape and size that can accentuate what you have and hide some of what you wish you didn’t have. It is all about style and showing it all off isn’t necessarily sexy but a hint at what you have can be.

Example: An empire waisted top that shows a little cleavage, a pair of jeans and heels will have him drooling all over you like a Saint Bernard and hide the fact that you might not have a washboard stomach just fine. The fact that you’re comfortable too doesn’t hurt!

True seduction is about giving your man what he wants most and making him feel a certain way. Studies have shown that when a man is made to feel strong, powerful, sexy, attractive, handsome and wanted he can be effectively seduced. These are typically the weapons that single women use to seduce married men every day all over the world and the tools that you can use yourself to really seduce your boyfriend deeply and with power.


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