Seven Ways to Holistic Detox


Holistic detox means ridding not only your body of harmful toxins but also having the right mindset for it. It involves total and sweeping changes in your lifestyle to achieve improved health and positive outlook in life. That said, it can not be achieved overnight. You need at least three weeks to make it happen.

A few days before starting the program, make changes in your diet. Not too many people notice it but the food that you eat can greatly affect the mood, emotional response to various situations, the state of mind and even the skin condition. When your nutritional imbalances are corrected, it shows physically through glowing skin and high energy level. You will feel good and have a more positive outlook.

Also important before starting a detox is to listen to your body's health signals. You may have noticed that your connection with the environment is out of sync. You need to condition your mind to be able to successfully pull off the program, as it needs to modify habits in the process. After the holistic detox, your body will be back to its alkali state, preventing diseases and losing weight faster and safer.

Seven Ways to Holistic Detox
1. Colon irrigation or hydrotherapy is the introduction of water into the colon to wash away impurities and toxins. This method must be done by a doctor or licensed health care practitioner. This will aid in regularizing bowel movement and cleanse your colon, naturally.

2. Diet modification is an integral part of detox. For the whole duration of holistic detox, avoid caffeine beverages such as coffee, soda and alcohol. Dairy products except goat's milk, plain and soy products must be avoided as well. Gluten, wheat, yeast, red meat, vinegar, mustard, potatoes, nuts, jams, spreads, chocolate, artificial flavoring, sweets and fruits (except bananas) must be removed from your diet in the meanime. You may drink herbal teas, raw honey and indulge in dark, leafy greens like kale and spinach. Get your protein from fish, tofu and white meat like chicken and turkey. Use only olive oil for cooking. Brown rice is okay to eat. There's no need to count calories.

3. Take herbal supplements. There are natural laxatives that can help eliminate toxins from the body like flax seeds, fish that are rich in EFA and borage oil. Herbal teas are also great to soothe the colon and encourage natural excretion of waste.

4. Liver cleansing is essential in holistic detox. Drink lots of water, take multivitamins and avoid getting exposed to environmental pollutants as much as possible.

5. Complete your diet with health supplements. Sometimes the body does not absorb all the nutrients from the food that you eat so there's a need for multivitamins especially vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium and other minerals.

6. You may also eliminate toxins through sweating. Have a sauna or steam bath to stimulate perspiration. The warm bath opens up pores and releases toxins in the process.

7. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise has many benefits and one of them is the removal of toxins through sweating. Regular physical activity also stimulates heart and lungs keeping it in great shape. Deep breathing is beneficial to the body as well for it lets the oxygen in and aid in distributing nutrients through the bloodstream.

After the 21-day holistic detox, you can maintain good health by eating sensibly. You will notice too that food cravings, sluggishness and headache are greatly minimized if not totally eliminated. More positive changes both in mind and body are part of the good outcome of the cleansing process.


Source by Danilo Correa

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