Should I Get My Vitamins From Food Or Tablets?


It is a common question from people young and old across the world. Should you take vitamin supplements, mineral tablets and nutrients separately or try as hard as you can to get them from your diet. It has been debated for many years and there is good evidence on both sides of the argument. The case for each side is strong and logical, but what you do depends on your current lifestyle and dietary needs.

Getting your vitamins and minerals from foods.

For quite some time now, scientists have been able to re-create man-made vitamins that are exactly the same as those found in food, even down to molecular level. Also, recent advances in atomic chemistry have allowed an even greater level of cloning by using polarized light to check for structure similarities. The light is passed through the man-made and the natural vitamin atoms and the behavior analyzed. If the natural and the man-made vitamin atoms exist in the same way, then they are deemed to be identical. The majority of findings of these tests show that the results are the same – but not 100% perfect. As the polarized light passes through the 2 atomic structures, differences are detected, providing that they are not identical and therefore, the man-made version is not as good as the natural version and probably not as effective as a vitamin.

The tests have shown than as the light passes through a natural vitamin atom structure, the light bends to the left. In the synthetic version of the vitamin atom structure, the light splits in half rather than bends, providing that they are different.

There is also a strong argument for using the man-made vitamins too.

The same scientists have argued that once a way of identifying and replicating the structure effectively can be found, the benefits of using man-made vitamins and minerals will outweigh those of eating natural foods. If production of the chemical structure of the minerals can be achieved in a safe way, then the mass production of the vitamin can be started allowing many people to benefit from popping a pill every day. This is an effective way for people who may never eat certain foods to get their recommended levels of vitamins.

The best scenario would be for people to try to get their vitamins from both sources. A small amount of man-made vitamins and minerals can be taken each day through a tablet. But it is also important to have a varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy produce and meats to help balance everything out. Not everyone knows what their recommended daily intake should be of each kind of vitamin and mineral ,, so taking a tablet would be of benefit.


Source by Tao Schencks

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