Sperm Count and Volume – All About Semen Analysis, Quality, Importance of Motility


In order to count the sperms and their volume in the semen, one needs to carry out a semen analysis. Semen analysis is a process in which various tests are connected to not only evaluate the characteristics of your semen but also the sperms that are a part of your semen. There are various reasons why semen analysis might be connected on a person's semen. Typically, this is done to investigate the reasons for the infertility of a couple.

Sperm analysis – An overview

A semen analysis usually measures the amount of sperms contained per millimeter of each ejaculation and also the concentration of the white blood cells. The analysis also evaluates the motility of the sperms, which is their ability to swim forward. The shape of the sperm is also evaluated during semen analysis, as are the levels of fructose and pH. There are various factors that come into the picture and influence the accuracy of the results of semen analysis. These factors are the result of various natural variations that a man goes through over time. A measurement method like Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) is used for semen analysis. There are various types of CASA systems that are used for this purpose.

Semen analysis and collection methods

One of the integral components of semen analysis is the collection of a semen sample. Usually a sample is collected through masturbation and by collecting the sample in a clean cup. There is also a special type of condom called a collection condom available that helps collect a sample, during intercourse. Made from either polyurethane or silicone so that no harm comes to the sperm, it's another common way of collecting semen samples. If a doctor thinks that there is a blockage of the vas deferens, then a semen sample is collected from the epididymis.

Semen analysis and semen quality

Semen analysis also evaluates semen quality. When we talk about semen quality we are actually talking about its ability to accomplish fertilization. We could say that semen quality is a measurement of male fertility. The most important component of the semen is the sperm. Therefore, during analysis of semen, both the quality and quantity of the sperm are counted. Semen quality is measured using various tests including the analysis, a Hamster zona free ovum test and a sperm chromatin assay. There are also various factors that influence its quality, which include masturbation, heat, physical trauma, chemicals, environmental chemicals, medicines, hormones and diet.

Sperm motility and its importance

A sperm needs to move properly towards an egg in order to fertilize it. This ability of the sperm is called sperm motility. Sperms that have a problem in swimming are unable to reach the egg and can not fertilize it. The importance of sperm motility can be gauged from the fact that it is one of the important factors determining the quality of the sperm. This is because successful fertilization can only result from the sperm being able to penetrate the extracellular matrix that surrounds the eggs.

Increasing the sperm volume naturally

There are a number of natural ways and means which you can use to improve your sperm count and quality. You could try some of the natural volume enhancement pills or can also take certain foods that have been known to increase. A healthy diet especially a diet rich in Zinc can go a long way in helping improve your sperm count. Sex experts also recommend the use of various PC exercises in order to improve orgasms, sexual performance and also the amount of ejaculate produced. There are also various natural enhancement pills that help increase volume. Some of these pills include Semenax and Volume Pills.


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