Stress Relief – How Pets Can Reduce Your Stress Levels And Improve Your Health


Apart from professional therapy and relaxation courses there are many things that people can do without having to learn a complex technique or pay people to help them. A popular method to relieve stress is to play sport. This method goes to the heart of the bodys' response to stress. The body prepares itself for an expense of energy and by playing sport this energy can be released. Other more sedate and relaxing methods include gardening or painting. Keeping a pet can be as energetic or relaxing as you want it to be, and can provide as much stress relief as the others.

It has been shown in many studies that people suffering from illnesses or recovering from operations recover quicker when a pet is there to give them support and companionship. This has been noted in old age peoples homes where the spirits of people are lifted by the introduction of a dog or a fish tank.

In these studies it was noted that patients blood pressure went down by watching fish glide around an aquarium.Have you ever wondered why doctors surgeries or dentists waiting rooms often have a fish tank. It is designed to calm people down and help them to relax before they enter the dentists room and experience, what they might imagine, will be great pain.

So what does having a pet do to relieve stress?

Animals are often very predictable and constant in their reaction to their owner. People like this response in their pets because it is often in stark contrast to their dealing with people in everyday life. People can be very unpredictable and downright stubborn. Relationships and dealing with people are one of the most stressful things that people can face. Having a pet is an antidote to this.

People get a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from keeping a pet. Having to feed, groom and take care of a pet brings out the nurturing instinct that is in most people. This ability to act instinctively rather than in some contrived fashion is soothing and helps to defuse stress.

Pets, especially dogs, can help a person feel safe from a security perspective. This can be a source of relief. Animals, in general, give unconditional acceptance to their owners. A person can be themselves with their animals and not fear for rejection.

Active pets like dogs can stimulate a person to take exercise which is good for relieving stress levels and health in general. Watching fish allows people to get lost in their little mini-world that can take that person mind off potentially stressful thought like getting a report out on time. These breaks from reality are good for stress relief.

Of course keeping a pet can be stressful so it is always advisable to know what you are getting yourself into. After saying that pets are good for your stress relief, that is not their sole purpose in life, but a pleasant side affect of caring for your pet responsibly and appropriately. If, for example, you lived in a small apartment it is not sensible to get a great dane dog. This would cause you and the dog more stress than it would prevent.


Source by Adrian Whittle

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