Sugar Free Candy As A Sweet Alternative


How can you get your daily chocolate or candy fix, and eat less sugar or calories, too? Well, that’s the catch. But with Sugar Free candies becoming more and more available these days, it is getting easier to accomplish it! Sugar Free Candy is a great way for a Diabetic or someone on a gluten free diet to still enjoy their sugar treats while still maintaining their health restrictions. But, these delicious and healthier products are not just for those who have specific health conditions or a demanding diet. Sugar free candy is an overall wonderful choice for anyone who is looking to have a healthier lifestyle while still keeping their sugar intake low. Consider some of the options we have pulled together for you below as great possibilities for sugar substitutions in your diet.

Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Who can resist the undeniable cuteness of a rainbow colored gummy bear? Well, now you don’t have to try to resist when you have these wonderful sugar free options! Indulge with no restraint in the sweet, fruity splendor in this gummy favorite. These colorful little bears are full of fresh, long-lasting flavor without the sugar! So go ahead and delight in the joy that you find when you chew on these cute, sweet and fruity treats. Maybe you like to bite the little legs off first? Or maybe you like to stick a bunch of them together and chomp them all at the same time! No matter what your preferred process of enjoyment, indulge without guilt in these Sugar Free Gummy Bears.

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Raisins

A classic treat that has been enjoyed by so many chocolate lovers over the years, chocolate covered raisins are a satisfying snack! This delicious treat is so satisfying that you may find yourself easily consuming more than you’d like to in no time. But, unlike the standard sugar laden chocolate covered raisins this heart healthy option is nothing to feel guilty about indulging in! These Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Raisins are truly a treat for the health conscious smacker with a sweet tooth. The plump raisins are coated in succulent, sugar-free milk chocolate. Tangy and sweet, they taste just like their sugary counterpart, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. So go ahead and grab a handful of these nutritious snacks and feel good about every bite you chomp.

Sugar Free Gumballs

Talk about a fun treat that will bring you back to your childhood! Gumballs are such a nostalgic piece of anyone’s candy memory. Maybe as a child you would have to go to the mall with your mom. You’d walk around all day while she shopped, and she made you try on countless slacks, sweaters, and hats. Maybe you even got your hair cut. But, wouldn’t it all be worth it when your mom would give you a quarter and you could go get a gumball out of the machine? You never knew what color or flavor you might get. The mystery was so exciting! Maybe you’d watch it spin down an endless feeling slide, just anticipating it finally reaching the bottom. Pop it in your mouth and enjoy a burst of flavor with every chew. You’d be able to blow bubbles all day long! Well, travel back to that blissful memory with these wonderful gumballs. You will be able to relive your childhood memories, but carry through the responsibility of your health that you’ve gained as an adult. So go ahead and enjoy a classic childhood treat and leave the guilt behind.

Sugar Free Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly is known for is wide variety of vibrant flavored jelly beans. But, we all know how much sugar is packed into each yummy bean. But, now you can ditch the guilt when you indulge in Sugar Free Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! They are deliciously fruity and come in a variety of flavors like classic cream soda, juicy pear, and pomegranate. Also delight in unique flavors such as buttered popcorn, marshmallow, and so many more. Challenge your friends to a flavor guessing game, and keep their health in mind with these great sugar fix alternative to regular jelly beans. Not only are these a wonderful alternative to more sugary snacks, the big mix of colors will look great in your candy dish at work!

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Who doesn’t love a snack that is both sweet and salty? Peanuts are a heart healthy snack that are good for your healthy you anytime. So, don’t feel guilty about covering them in chocolate when it is all sugar free! Satisfy that sweet tooth without all that sugar with Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Peanuts. Feel great about sharing them with your friends and co-workers too, as they won’t even able to tell the difference!


Source by Rebecca A Wiska

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