The Best Cage for Your Hamster


Hamster cages are extremely important for the well-being of your pet. Hamster cages typically come in four different types:


Glass (Aquarium)



Wire cages are a great cage choice for your Teddy Bear hamster. These cages are easy to assemble, disassemble, clean, and do not absorb odors. They are also well-ventilated and come in many shapes and sizes. Some disadvantages these cages offer are: bar size, and rust. If you choose to buy a wire cage, make sure the spacing between the metal bars is smaller than your hamsters head. If your hamster can fit its head through the bars that means it can escape from its cage and possibly injure itself. Also if you buy a metal cage, clean the area under the water bottle often, as this area will be damp and may rust if it is not dried regularly causing health problems for your Teddy Bear.

Another hamster cage choice is a glass or aquarium type. This offers a lot of room to explore and move, as well as, easy assembly, and cleaning. But the disadvantages of this habitat are numerous. Aquarium tanks have poor ventilation causing many aspiratory issues in hamsters. Also, hamsters can easily push or chew through the metal screening on the top of the cage and escape.

A third type of cage is a plastic one. These are relatively new and are a fantastic choice for your hamster. They offer many nooks, and items for your Teddy Bear to explore and play with. They are well ventilated, keeping your hamster healthy and smelling great. A major disadvantage to this cage type though is cleaning. Plastic cages typically offer many tubes for your hamster to play in. These tubes will need cleaning once a month or so. If this does not bother you, plastic cages are great fun for the owner and hamster.

The last kind of housing is homemade. If you are handy you can have a cage made specifically for your hamster. In most cases, these cages are made from wood, wire mesh. Although this type of cage can be cool, wood cages are absorbent and extra bedding is needed at all times. The cage must be cleaned more often than other types of cages. Another downside is that hamsters love to gnaw on things, eventually damaging the wood.

In the end, I’d recommend buying either a wire or plastic cage because they are safe, fun, and best for your Teddy Bear hamsters’ health.


Source by Cody A Keppel

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