The Best Male Chastity Device


So, let’s talk about chastity devices — what’s best, what’s going to work, and which one should you go for?


… I don’t know… other than to say he best chastity device is… the one that works for you.

For one thing, there are dozens, perhaps scores of manufacturers out there, each with their own designs. And while they generally share some similarities, even small differences in style or build-quality can make a huge difference in how a man’s body responds and copes with them.

For example, someone asked me the other day:

“Love your blog, have followed it for some time. Keep up the good work. My question is actually more for John. Has he had problems with the base ring pressing into his pubic bone during workouts, particularly stretches like knee to chest? I sure do and it blocks long term wear. I’d like to know if he found a solution, eventually it will pass or what?” ~ JW

The short answer is “no”, but that could be down to several factors, not least that he doesn’t do those stretches.

Unfortunately we can talk only in generalities. For some people the simple plastic CB3000 is a great device, even effective for long-term wear; for others, including John, it was next to useless. We’ve tried several devices, including a full Tollyboy belt, but didn’t really succeed until we wound up with a Lori #2C — meaning we’d probably invested $1,000 or so in devices that were simple useless.

Is this a waste of money?


But I prefer to take a different view.

To me it’s a case of getting what we, John and I, really want out of life. And if you want something badly enough, then no price is too high. No one bats an eyelid at anyone who spends a small (or even large) fortune on golf clubs, fishing tackle, cars, motorbikes, cycling, or whatever scratches their itch.

So why should male chastity be any different?

I suppose there’s some sense in starting off with a cheaper device like the CB3000 (but they’re still not ‘cheap’) to see if the lifestyle suits, but the danger in this is if the device doesn’t do the job, then you might not be any the wiser about the wider lifestyle.

Ultimately I don’t think there is a simple answer other than to say “keep trying”.

If you try a device and find denial suits you well but the device has some shortcomings, then it’s likely going to be worth taking the time and making the effort to get a device that suits you just right (I go into the five main considerations — Safety, Comfort, Convenience, Security, and Aesthetics — in detail elsewhere).

I’ve always looked at this whole thing as something of a work-in-progress. Even chastity itself isn’t an event but rather it’s a process, and the longer you go on with it, the more deeply and fully you become immersed in it. In that respect I guess it’s no different from any other aspect of a good relationship.

I guess the main lesson to take away from this is take your time, slow down and enjoy it. Get it right and you could set yourself up for a wonderful life going forward.


Source by Sarah Jameson

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