The Best Male Yeast Infection Treatments


However, the symptoms of yeast infections in males can vary from bad breath to constipation and indigestion as well. Other symptoms may also consist of diarrhea and intestinal gas. Although there is not a fixed treatment for yeast infection, there are various medicines and natural remedies which have been proven to be quite effective.

After consulting with a doctor, prescription medicines can be obtained which helps to kill yeast fungus responsible for causing infections. There are also anti-fungal creams and ointments that can be applied to the infected area directly to give a soothing effect and relief from the infection.

However, there are several natural remedies which have been around since ages and have been proven to be effective and safe to use. Yoghurt is one such natural ingredient which helps to inhibit the growth of yeast fungus. Yoghurt contains acidophilus which keeps the level of yeast fungus under control. Acidophilus is also available in the form of capsules, liquids and tablets.

Fresh garlic is another natural ingredient which provides relief from yeast infection. It can either be eaten or applied to the infected area. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which kill yeast fungus and treats the infection naturally.

Other male yeast infection treatments include use of black walnut, licorice and goldenseal. These herbs can be used to make into a paste and applied directly to the area of infection since they have anti fungal properties. You could also add a drop of warm water to the herbal paste and apply to the affected area.

Cranberry is another ingredient which helps to treat male yeast infections. It can either be ingested as cranberry juice or taken as a pill which is available in drug stores. Cranberry can also be applied directly to the infected area which will help in treating the infection and at the same time preventing recurrence.

Moreover, to get rid of yeast infection naturally, you need to avoid eating foods rich in yeast as they promote yeast growth. It is important to keep a healthy eating plan to prevent yeast infections from happening.


Source by Andrea Jefferson

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