The Best Way to Cure Hemorrhoids


If you have been suffering from hemorrhoids for some time now, you might wonder how to cure this condition. There are different ways to go about this. Some might suggest surgery, while others suggest home treatments.

When you are suffering from a mild case which means your symptoms are not that worse, you can treat this at home. It is also possible that this can go away on its own as long as you do preventive measures. These preventive measures are increasing the amount of fiber you eat as well as your fluid intake. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are good source of fibers. You may also want to avoid training excessively especially during a bowel movement. This relieves the pressure on the anal veins and reduces the inflammation and can possibly disappear after some time. Exercising also helps aid your digestive system.

However, if you have the more extreme case, you will need a more specialized treatment. Although, continuously doing these preventive measures can help you as well. Some of the treatments you can still do at home include sitz baths, ice remedy, using of moist tissue paper, or the use of topical creams or analgesic creams. When these do not help make you better, you might need to be treated by a doctor. Though, this does not mean that you will need a surgery. There are non-surgical procedures available nowdays to treat hemorrhoids. These are rubber band litigation, infrared coagulation cryosurgery, sclerotherapy, among others. You can choose which one is the best for you with the help of a doctor.


Source by Kay Daniels

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