The Border Terrier – Its Characteristics And Evolution


The Region bordering England and Scotland known as the Cheviot Hills gives the name to the Border Terrier. They were trained to attack foxes and kill them. They tend to seem scruffy due to their wiry coat yet this very feature makes them special. Owners generally love their border terriers for their appearance and high energy.

Some of the basic facts about these dogs are that they are Terriers and it is recommended that they are bred indoors or at the maximum within a fenced yard. They have a short and wiry dual coat mostly of tan, red or grizzle colors. Their weight varies around 11 to 16 pounds and their height around 11 to 16 inches.

In character these dogs are bold hunters but scruffy at times. They are silent at old age but very active when young puppies. They tend to be hostile with certain animals like rats, rabbits, hamsters and birds. They are active around people and tend to be silent and inactive when alone. They are also pretty economic.

They can be trained to be friendly with household pets, but will not generate friendship with neighborhood cats. They tend to get aggressive when in common territory and may also be helpful when there is a thief on the prowl.

They do have certain health problems with regard to deafness, skin allergies and problems. They are also sooner to Cataract and may lose one or both their eyes and also cryptorchidism where their testicles do not fill into the scrotum. In addition they may also suffer from Canine Epileptoind which is a neurological muscle and metabolic disorder that is hereditary.

Special care should be taken with regard to their coats which need to be brushed weekly and groomed twice in a year. Bathing is to be done when necessary as there is little shedding of hair. They require regular exercise to maintain their physique and should be kept on leash at all times as they are instinctive hunters.

Border terriers have an obscure origin though it is very broadly believe that they evolved in the border region around Scotland and England. The area is also known as the Cheviot Hills. These dogs were trained to be hunters to kill hares and rabbits. They have short legs which are sturdy and hence can maintain good running times keeping even with fast horses. Farmers also used these dogs as prey, to lure hunting foxes into a trap and kill them. They served several purposes.

The dogs were known to hunt a variety of other animals as well like marten, badgers and otters. Just like most hunting dogs, border terriers have also evolved from the fierce animal to pets that became loving and friendly, loyal companions. Their appearance, agility and bright nature catch the attention of the audience at many places including dog shows.

The British Kennel club registered the breed in 1920 and so followed suit the American club ten years later. These dogs are favored to be companions and pets as they are very adaptable, friendly and have a great personality. And they are also very reliable when the need comes for tracking enemies. In fact, they are known for their great talents which include protecting whatever it deems important, hunting and also perform great tricks and even sports which require a lot of obedience. This will come through proper training only.

Rest assured that if you have a border terrier, it will be your most faithful companion provided you care for it as you would for your loved one. With them around, surely boredom will never exist in your life!


Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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