The Connection Between Stress Relief and Liver Health


Capable of wreaking havoc on your immune system as well as preventing your body from functioning properly, stress is not to be taken lightly. Everyone experiences some form of stress on an almost daily basis, which can contribute to an already existing medical condition, especially liver disease. Finding ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life can benefit your health immensely. What relaxation techniques do you use to reduce your stress level? Sometimes, your preferred method of stress relief is not actually helping you to relax at all.

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on reducing stress by releasing the blocked energy (known as qi) in the liver, and promoting the flow of that energy through the body. Stress is like a barricade inside your body; when you're stressed, the qi can not flow freely, creating blockages. For someone with liver disease, these blockages allow toxins to build up, increasing the chance of seriously damaging liver tissue. Simple and quick ways to combat stress are through meditation, deep breathing or yoga. If none of those methods appeal to you, find something that does, like a new hobby that will take your mind away from whatever is causing your stress.

In our high-tech, fast-paced society, we're always on the run, whether at work or at home. This makes it all the more important that we consciously take time out for ourselves to relax and de-stress. How many times have you been so stressed out that you felt physically and emotionally weak? That amount of stress is simply not healthy. The more stress you allow in your life, the more your body will suffer, and those people with liver disease can not afford to have any additional burdens placed on this vitally important organ.

In your busy life, slow down, choose relaxation and find ways to relieve stress. Your body is hanging on you to make the right decision. Learn more about how stress relief is crucial to your liver health, and discover easy ways to help you relax in the comfort of your own home by reading this article here .


Source by Nicole Cutler

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