The Lowdown on Plastic Hamster Cages



Before going out and buying that adorable little hamster, you have to properly plan how you're going to house it. There are many hamster cage options available such as wire cages, glass cages and plastic cages; each with its pros and cons. Hamsters are inquisitive and playful creatures by nature and you should strive to provide the most stimulating environment possible to help prevent boredom in your pet. There are many toys and gadgets available you can buy for your hamster to help keep it occupied. If noise is a concern, there are silent exercise hamster wheels to allow your pet to safely keep fit without disturbing you in any way.

Plastic tube hamster cages are a veritable entertainment park for hamsters. Lots of tubes and levels to climb provide your hamster with hours of fun and exploration opportunities. You will get many hours of delight and entertainment watching your hamster scuttle around the various tubes and tunnels. The advantage of this hamster wonderland is that most plastic hamster cages are expandable, allowing you to add different tubes and accessories making for a larger and stimulating environment for your pet. The risk of draft is also greatly reduced with plastic hamster cages.

The disadvantage of this type of cage is that it may not be suitable for larger hamsters such as pregnant or Syrian hamsters. Plastic hamster cages are ideal for smaller breeds of hamsters such as Dwarf and Roborovski hamsters. They are the dwarf hamster cage of choice. Condensation may be an issue with plastic cages but this has seriously been overcome with cages that include wiring. The tubes and accessories are generally added to a special wire cage which allows for proper ventilation.

Plastic cages can become smelly over time if not cleaned regularly. It's best to choose a plastic cage that can be disassembled to ensure easy cleaning. Another problem with plastic cages is that they become scratched over time and may not be as durable as wire hamster cages, but the entertainment factor far outweighs these minor disadvantages.

Plastic hamster homes make provide a colorful and fun environment for your pet hamster. Always choose the largest cage you can find as hamsters can be very active and love to climb and explore; lack of space can lead to serious, long term health problems. Being a reliably cheap hamster cage option, they are very popular with hamster owners. Hidey holes and built in tubes provide your hamster with lots of areas to explore and you will not need to buy as many toys as you would with a conventional wire cage. Always remember to keep the cage out of direct sunlight, and ideally your hamster should be placed in a draft free and quiet area of ​​the house.

Proper planning of your hamster's housing combined with an attention to hygiene and care will ensure you have a happy and healthy pet hamster.


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