The Most Common Quit Smoking Symptoms



When you quit smoking, you will experience a number of symptoms, also called the quit smoking symptoms.

It is quite natural because, your body over a long period has become accustomed to take in poisons in the form of nicotine, tar and the like. When you quit smoking, and thereby no longer lets those toxins into the blood, the body begins a cleansing of the poison, and that is what may be called quit smoking symptoms.

The symptoms you may experience vary significantly from person to person, but it is important that you prepare yourself for the coming internal fight. The quit smoking symptoms you suffer from will give you an excuse to try to justify that you start smoking again. You must fight against this negative process and stick with your decision to stop smoking.

One thing that is important to remember before reading further, is that I will list the most common quit smoking symptoms, and you will most likely only be able to recognize some of them, but do not worry, it is quite normal.

You will most likely experience an increased appetite, and a greater desire to stuff your mouth, and if you absolutely have to give into the temptation, look for fibrous food, coarse bread, nuts, grains and prunes could be fine eating, and remember during your quit smoking period, to drink plenty of water, all things will help ease your quit smoking symptoms.

Headaches can also be a quit smoking symptom, it is often followed by a lack of focus and concentration, and you will find that you easily become irritated.

Experts believe that headache is due to changes in the blood / oxygen ratio simultaneously with a change of blood sugar levels, caused by the lack of nicotine, all changes the brains normal environment. In time, these levels will return to a normal state, so you may simply arm yourself with patience, plenty of water, and take advantage of medication against the pain for a while

Nicotine is a stimulant, and it can affect the way your brain works. When you stop smoking, it may cause a number of changes in the way you are as a person and in how you conduct yourself.
You may also experience insomnia as a result of you quitting smoking, and thenby also feel tired during the day.

Irritability, depression, lack of concentration, restlessness, boredom, anger, aggression and general discomfort are all potential quit smoking symptoms, you should be aware of. The good news is that you will only suffer from them for a short period of time, sometimes one or two months.

If your quit smoking symptoms are about to take control over you and you feel you are falling back towards smoking, you should try to remember that your stopping smoking is the largest single step forward in the direction of better health, you can do. You are not losing a friend, when you quit smoking, even though it may feel like a great deprivation in the beginning, you are actually separating yourself from one of your worst enemies. This enemy slowly but surely works towards sending you earlier in the grave … Remember it, and hold on to your decision to quit smoking, regardless of your quit smoking symptoms.


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