The Pleasure of Perineum Stimulation For a Different Kind of Orgasm



With the clitoris being the main focus of the female body, the perineum kinda gets forgotten. Its position does not help it much either, being sandwiched between two major erogenous zones. This is a shame as the perineum is rich in nerve endings and can be a great source of pleasure for both the man and the woman. It is time that this zone was rediscovered!

An Introduction to Perineum Pleasure

Locating the perineum is simple, consider the female genitalia as a diamond with the vaginal opening at the center. The perineum is the southernmost end of this shape. It is roughly in the middle of the anal and vaginal openings.

This region is also sometimes called the ‘taint.’ This comes from an old joke as ‘it ain’t (‘Taint) the anus and ain’t the vagina.’ Sometimes it can also be pierced in which case it is called a guiche-piercing. Although this practice was more commonly associated with the homosexual BDSM community, it is becoming more common in heterosexuals and many people now consider it no different from a clitoral piercing.

Perineum Stimulation: How to

When touching the perineum you will want to have lubed/ oiled hands as it is easy to chaff this delicate area. It should be stroked in a similar way to the clitoris. Due to its position between the anal and vaginal openings, its most useful role is as a great tease. Stroke the 3 erogenous zones and keep her guessing where the pleasure is coming from next. It also functions as an intermediate between vaginal and anal foreplay, if your woman is into that.

It is in oral sex that the perineum becomes the most useful. It can be bitten, sucked or licked and will give the woman a different kind of feeling. In addition it is easy to access the labia and clitoris too. Generally speaking most women find it difficult to orgasm from perineum stimulation alone, but easier to orgasm when perineum pleasure is mixed with clitoral.

Guys can use this area when they are experimenting with male multiple orgasms. However it is a relatively risky way to have this kind of sex, so it is definitely not one for beginners. To perform it you need to feel around in the area just underneath your testicles. Around here you should find that there is a ‘tube’ that runs close to the surface. This tube is a vital part of the process used to push semen out of the body during ejaculation. Therefore pressure on this tube can block the flow of ejaculatory fluid and prevent/ delay orgasm. In reality this runs some huge risks as the semen has to go somewhere and often it goes into places where it causes more harm. The woman needs to be careful not to press too hard or perform it too regularly (Once or twice a month is best).

If your partner has a guiche-piercing then you have extra options as these are primarily designed for foreplay purposes. The feeling of the metal on flesh is so different from skin-on-skin that you can drive her wild by mixing the two. Also catching it between your lips and gently pulling on it should give her a different kind of perineum stimulation.

Mastering perineum stimulation offers a different experience for the girl and can really enhance oral sex, fingering and outercourse. As a great, overlooked spot it is another tool to add to your list of techniques that women love.


Source by Harlan Mulroy

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