The Problems With Breast Surgery



Breast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world today. Every year thousands of women put themselves at the mercy of surgeons in an effort to gain the chest and cup size that they have long desired but nature had denied them.

But such efforts to gain bust size are not without risks to those willing to go the procedure. In fact there are a large list of issues and problems that could arise from breast surgery.

Breast surgery can lead to

– A loss of feeling. The nerve clusters in the breasts and around the nipple are very sensitive and complex and so any human error can lead to a loss of feeling, which can be devastating and severely impact on your sex life.
– Scar tissue. Scarring round the area opened up to insert the implants can become unsightly and create a rough feeling area that you can become very self conscious of.
– Rejection. Implants can be rejected by the body, though medical advances are slowly making this unikely.
– Bursting. Again something technology is slowly phasing out but there are still many examples of implants bursting, causing major health problems.
– Normal surgery issues. Obviously surgery carries it own risk, which whilst slim can be very major and even even fatal.

But there is another answer to gaining a fuller bust, natural breast enhancement pills fill a gap that breast surgery does not, they are a risk free, natural way of gaining cup sizes, giving you breasts that both look and feel great.


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