Three Things You Need to Know About Eye Care


Proper eye care is something that the average person knows little about. Nonetheless taking care of one's sight is extremely important. Of the five senses, sight is the sense that tends to deteriorate the fastest, but this trend can be combated by following a few easy steps.

Your Eyes Need Rest

One thing that many people tend to forget is that the eyes, just like the rest of the body, need a fair amount of rest. When your legs are tired after a long day at work you sit in your favorite chair and ease some of the stress on your tired limbs. In the same way, you should take time to rest your vision. In many cases, this simply means taking five to ten minutes at various points throughout the day to simply close your eyes and take some of the stress of focusing off of them. Rest is a vital element to proper eye care.

Try to Avoid Straining Your Eyes in Low Light Conditions

One surefire way to hasten the deterioration of your sight is by doing things that require lots of focus in conditions without much light. Without proper light, your eyes are forced to work much, much harder. If you are participating in activities that require lots of focus anyway, such as reading or using a computer, then your peepers are working twice hard. So, if you are reading or doing other things that require focused sight, make sure that you are doing so under proper light conditions.

Make Regular Appointments with an Optometrist

Perhaps the most important factor in eye care is to make regular trips to see an optometrist. No one can give you better insight into your ocular well being than a licensed professional. An optometrist will be able to give you a sense of how strong your eyesight is and fit you with prescription lenses so that your sight does not deteriorate any further. Studies have shown that being fitted with prescription glasses or contacts not only makes seeing easier but can actually slow the deterioration of your sight by easing the strain of everyday activities.

In all, then, proper eye care requires that you take steps to ease the stress that your eyesballs are under on a day to day basis. Take the time to rest them, try to make sure that you always have adequate lighting, and be sure to see your optometrist on a regular basis. If you do all of these things, then your chances of maintaining good eyesight will increase dramatically.


Source by Antoinette Ayana

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