Tips For Getting Rid Of Blackheads



If you are living in an area with pollution hovering around you might want to look at the mirror and see if you have those clogged black pores in your skin…those are blackheads and they do not belong in your face. So how do you prevent having one? Or how do you get rid of blackheads if they are there already? Easy, just know the basic things about blackheads and you are good to go.

1. Wash your face twice a day – this removes all the dirt accumulated in your skin everyday. * washing your face so many times in a day only worsens the condition for oily skin.

2. Drink water – drink a lot of water. Your body needs water in order to allow rejuvenation of the skin. You not only remove toxins from your body you also aid your skin to get rid of dead skin cells more rapidly thus reducing the risk of further breakouts.

3. Avoid constant worrying – stress adds to your skin problems. It triggers your oil glands to be more productive thus giving chances for pores to be clogged. Smile often and act cool.

4. Check your make-up – not all make-ups are created equal. Some are very harsh some are perfect even for the most sensitive skin. If your skin is oily avoid heavy make-up it will only add to your problem.

5. Be one with nature – go for products that have fewer chemicals they are less likely to irritate your skin and welcome breakouts.

6. Avoid polluted areas as much as possible – for city dwellers this is quite difficult to do but if you can stay indoors more often the dusty air slamming in your skin becomes more minimal. This will help your pores be more fresh and unclogged.

7. Exfoliate – aid your skin. Do a manual exfoliation by using soaps with beads or make your own by mixing egg whites and sugar and gently scrub it in your face. (there are a lot of natural ways to exfoliate your skin)

8. Massage your face – help the blood circulation in your face with a good and gentle massage.

Okay so they are there…here are ways to get them out of there safely without causing scars or causing more problems.

1. Clean your hands.

2. Avoid touching your face.

3. Open your pores more – steaming will do it.

4. Use a black head remover not your hands – this is a thin metal tool that has a small hole on one end and for some a short pointed edge at the other. (some removers have another hole instead of the pointed end)

5. Sanitize anything you put near your face – this includes your hands and your blackhead remover. Isopropyl Alcohol works best.

6. Never squeeze using your hands – you are just giving more chances for scarring if you do.

7. Use the blackhead remover gently – don’t ever force it down unless you are after a scarred look. Moderate pressure is the key.

8. Go to a dermatologist – professionals still know best. You won’t regret every penny you spend when you have a professional do all the work.


Source by Albert Lee

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