Tips For Taming Your Pet Hamster



Are you considering bringing a hamster home to be your new pet? If so, it is important for you to know a few essential things about how to tame a hamster and how to properly pick one up and handle it. Although these little critters can be great pets, they do have a reputation for biting. By implementing the proper taming techniques and by handling your hamster appropriately, however, you can reduce the chances of getting nipped by your hamster.

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters generally are not aggressive pets. Rather, if they are feeling scared or stressed, they may bite as an instinctive reaction. Therefore, the more gently and calmly you handle a hamster, the less likely you are to get nipped by one. In addition, a hamster that is disturbed too often through the day or that is exposed to an excess amount of noise may also be more prone to biting.

How Can I Tame My Hamster?

Taming a hamster can take a bit of patience, but it is well worth the time spent. You should first give your new hamster time to get accustomed to his or her surroundings. Then, once the hamster appears to be calm, start spending more time around its cage. Try talking softly to it from outside the cage so it can become used to the sound of your voice.

If the hamster seems to be comfortable while you are around, you can start trying to hand feed it some of its favorite trees. Some good choices include dried fruits or sunflower seeds. If the hamster is taking the fears from you without a problem, you can now try to pick it up. Do not rush this process; however, as trying to force the hamster into your hands will almost certainly frighten it. Not only will this put you at risk for getting bit, it will also undo some of the work you put into getting to this point. Ideally, you should extend your hand and try to get the hamster to walk onto your hand before you gently scoop it up. You may need to go through these steps for a good month or more before your hamster becomes used to being handled.

How Do I Pick Up My Hamster?

Once your hamster is ready to be picked up, you should scoop it up into one cupped hand while placing the palm of your other hand on its back. This way, your hamster will not be able to jump out of your hand and possibly get injured. Ideally, you should hold your hamster while in the sitting position and keeping your hands over your lap. This way, if it falls or jumps, it will not have far to go and it will have a soft landing. Do your best to remain calm and soothing and allow your hamster to walk from one hand to the next so it can become familiar and comfortable with you and with being handled. If your hamster is not quite tame yet, on the other hand, you might want to consider wearing gloves during handling in order to prevent getting a painful nip from your new pet.


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